Best Backup Cameras for Trucks (2021)

best backup cameras for trucks
Best Backup Cameras for Trucks

Vehicle mirrors help you to see the rear view of your vehicle. But there is a limit to what the mirrors can do. They don’t completely capture the blind spots which is one of the causes of accidents. Is there any alternative to viewing your vehicle’s rear apart from using the mirrors? Yes, of course. The alternative is using a backup camera. In this article, we will review the best backup cameras for trucks.

Since 2018, all vehicle models produced have backup cameras. On the contrary, older vehicles have been left. Thanks to the aftermarket navigation systems which allow you to install a backup camera for your vehicle no matter how old the model is. This allows you to see all the blind spots.

The benefits of having a backup camera for truck

  • Easy Maneuverability: Taking your truck backward is not easy especially when your truck bed is loaded. The only option is to turn your head back and keep moving. Backing up your truck on assumption is very dangerous and may cause serious damage to your vehicle and other stuff around it. A backup camera gives your clear vision to avoid such damage and make the maneuvering easier.
  • Detecting Blind Spots: Rear visibility is a big problem for trucks. The rear-view mirror is not enough to give you a clear picture of what is behind creating massive blind spots. A backup camera has a signal transmitting feature to the monitor guiding the driver in detecting and avoiding blind spots.
  • Truck-Protection: Taking your truck in reverse movement with lots of luggage and poor visibility increases the risk of immense damage and dents. The rear tailgate, bumpers, and truck bed to some extent are at greater risk and can cost you lots of money for repairs. A backup camera is very helpful while reversing and protecting your truck’s rear.
  • Load-Protection: The luggage you carry on your pickup truck is very important and valuable to you or your customer. With clear visibility and easy maneuvering, a backup camera is instrumental in protecting your valuable luggage/load on the truck bed.
  • Protecting-Others: With a backup camera providing complete visibility you don’t have to worry about other’s safety. You can easily avoid colliding with the smallest of stuff like garbage bags, toys, trash, and even the people crossing by.

5 Best Backup Cameras for Trucks

The problem is in choosing the right backup camera for your vehicle. That is no longer a problem. We have taken our time to select the very best. After reading this review, you will be in a good position to choose the best backup cameras for trucks.


#1 LeeKooLuu Backup Camera & Monitor Kit

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

You can’t go wrong with the LeeKooLuu backup camera. The package contains all you need to get the camera up and running. It includes the power plug, LDC monitor, and the 1080P camera itself. This is an adjustable camera with a large rearview mirror.

Apart from being weather-resistant and waterproof, the camera covers both the rear and front view. Its installation is plug and play thereby making setup a breeze. The camera is versatile and perfect for different types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, and vans.


  • Inexpensively priced
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Water-resistant and waterproof
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Pictures are dim during the day


#2 DVKNM Dual Backup Camera Monitor

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you are looking for a backup camera with a large mirror, the DVKNM backup camera is your best choice. With a 7-inch dual HD monitor, you can be completely in control of your truck’s rearview. The 720P rear camera is waterproof and provides you with clear footage even at night.

It comes with excellent features like the night vision and built-in parking assistance guide. There are two cameras that enable the recording of proceedings when you are parking the vehicle. Your eyes are not affected since it has an anti-glare feature.


  • Wide IPS touchscreen
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof and Built-in Parking assistant
  • Simple installation
  • Anti-glare screen


  • A bit pricey


#3 AMTIFO A2 Backup Camera with 4.3-Inch Monitor

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you are on a budget and searching for a quality backup camera, the AMTIFO A2 camera is well recommended. It covers both the rear and front view making it multifunctional. Even at night, images rendered are crisply displayed and delivered in 1080P HD.

The 4.3-inch monitor is adjustable and can be operated with function buttons. Images can also be flipped. It is waterproof and easy to install. This backup camera is compatible with different vehicles like trucks, cars, SUVs, sedans, and minivans.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Extremely affordable
  • Waterproof and multifunctional
  • Great picture quality
  • Convenient to use


  • No sensors

#4 ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Product Rating: 4.1 / 5

Some people just hate the sight of wire running through their vehicle interior. The ZEROXCLUB digital camera is meant for this set of people. This is a wireless digital camera with no signal interference. It is designed with a 7-inch LCD monitor so you can see all the blind spots with ease.

The camera presents superior night vision with its 18 infrared lights, HD image processor, and CCD sensor. The backup camera has got a wide application for vehicles like a semi-trailer, recreational vehicle, bus, truck, car, pickup, van, etc.


  • Easy installation
  • No interference
  • 7-inch IPS wide monitor
  • Clear pictures
  • Excellent night vision


  • The monitor is not waterproof

#5 AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

The AUTO-VOX wireless backup camera is solar-powered. Just charge it for 30 minutes each day with sunlight and it will serve you all year round. The installation is stress-free since there is no drilling or wiring needed to set it up. Images come with superior quality with the 5-inch HD monitor.

Designed with a 2.4G wireless frequency, the backup camera prevents wireless signal interference from Bluetooth, cellphones, or radio. Smooth image quality is guaranteed with 6 glass lenses and HD resolution. There is no problem even if you drive in a low-light environment.


  • Clear visibility even in low-light
  • Powered by the sun
  • Compatible with different vehicles
  • No signal interference
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive


Backup Camera

Care must be taken when choosing a backup camera. This is because a backup camera is more of a security and safety tool than it is about style or the improvement of your vehicle interior. There are critical factors to consider when purchasing this item so that it can serve you optimally. Below are the things you must look out for before you pay or order a backup camera.

  1. Camera – The camera is the cynosure of all eyes. It is where all the events take place. Some of these cameras lack the HD quality found in other high-end cameras. Yet, the quality of the camera is what determines the clarity of the images displayed. As such, for picture quality, it is recommended you choose a backup camera with a 1080P front view camera and a 480P rearview camera. Anything less than this means you may struggle to see some pictures, especially at night.
  2. LED lights – Extra lights are needed to properly illuminate pictures at night. Backup cameras lack this feature. This is why LED lights are fitted on the backup cameras to help improve visibility at night. The number of LED lights and their intensity will determine how bright you see in low-light environments. Choose one with a minimum of 18 LED or infrared lights.
  3. Power supply – What will be the power supply source of the camera? This is something you must consider before purchasing a backup camera since most of them don’t come with batteries. If you want to use the car’s power, it means you have to connect the camera to the reverse lights or a 12-volt plug. In the absence of this, you can go for a solar-powered backup camera.
  4. Monitor size – You don’t want a small monitor for your backup camera. A camera with a wider view gives you a clearer picture of the blind spots. This is why you should not go for a monitor that is less than 7 inches. Apart from this, you may also want your monitor to be a touchscreen. It is all up to you.
  5. Recording – Some cameras record events like collisions or accidents. If this is what you want, you must go for a camera that has a G-sensor. The sensor triggers when there is a collision or accident and records for 30 seconds.

How to install a backup camera on the truck

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I include more cameras in my backup camera system?

Answer: Yes, you can add extra cameras depending on the number of inputs that the backup camera system comes with.

2. Which is a better choice between wired and wireless backup camera systems?

Answer: The wired backup camera is better. This is because it is connected directly to the screen of your vehicle. The direct connection provides better picture quality than a wireless connection.

3. How much does a backup camera cost?

Answer: It all depends on the type of backup camera you want to buy but the cost is between $50 and $150.

Conclusion: Keep a track of your vehicle’s rear with a backup camera

You cannot win any argument against the installation of a backup camera. It is like your third eye when you are behind the wheels. The backup camera helps to increase your safety and security in no small way.

Installing it keeps you safe because you can see what is happening behind you especially at night. Just imagine the absence of this all-important device. It is like purposely endangering your life. The backup camera used to be a luxury but not anymore.

You can either choose a wired or wireless backup camera. All the backup cameras reviewed are of top quality. Whichever choice you make will be a great buy in the long term.

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