Best Battery Jumper Cables (2021)

Best Battery Jumper Cables

Dead car batteries are a usual occurrence and it can happen at any time. If your car battery always goes dead, you can become stranded on the road. The solution to boosting a dead car battery is using jumper cables. A jumper cable is like an emergency kit that brings back life into your vehicle’s dead battery. In this review post, you will the best battery jumper cables.

Jumper cables are an important and useful part of one’s crisis car kit to help yourself and others trapped on the medial side of the trail. They are safe as long as you adhere to the direction of working with jumper cables. Additionally, they occupy little space in your car’s back. With the assistance of some other driver, you can use jumper cables as they are practical tools.

The benefits of having jumper cables

  • Mobility: If your vehicle’s battery has some loose ends, or has crossed its age limit then it is time for it to show dead symptoms. The dead battery symptoms could arrive anytime and could stop your journey. This is where a set of jumper cables come in handy. By following the instructions and little help from other vehicle owners you can jump-start your car on the road. Jumper cables help you to continue your journey rather than waiting for roadside assistance help.
  • Helping Others: You can use your jumper cable set to help others on the road. Your pair of Jumper cables will be of great assistance for other vehicle owners who are stranded on the road due to a dead battery. Purchasing jumper cables is never a lost deal as they help you as well as others giving you a chance to become a good samaritan.
  • Time-Saving: If you are well aware of the process to deal with jumper cables then It could save you lots of time. There is no denying the fact that roadside assistance can take hours to arrive especially on highways. The waiting time can be utilized by using the jumper cables to start your vehicle again. Time-saving is one of the main reasons you should have jumper cables. It helps you cover up the lost time and you can reach your desired destination as soon as possible.
  • Cost-saving: If the set of jumper cables help you start your car again then you have saved a good amount of money. A car with a dead battery needs proper technical investigation and accessories which is only possible at service stations. You may have to spend some additional cost on towing, and manpower. A jump-started working battery may also reduce the battery replacement charges.

5 Best Battery Jumper Cables (2021)

Every car owner needs a jumper cable but choosing the right cable is not an easy task. To help you out, we have selected some of the best jumper cables you can find anywhere. Our selections are durable, sturdy, reliable, dependable, and highly functional.  After 48-hour research, we thought it will be wise to share with you the 5 best battery jumper cables for cars to help you making a long-lasting choice.


#1 Forney 52878 Jumper Battery Cables

Product Rating: 4.7 / 5

There is no doubt that the Forney jumper battery cables in one of the best in terms of quality and strength. These are heavy-duty battery jumper cables with 500 amp clamps on the two sides of the cable. The cables have a long length of 25 feet making them extremely useful when you have two vehicles that are far from each other. 

When it comes to construction, the jumper cables are made from sturdy and heavy-duty welding copper cables. Another interesting thing about these jumper cables is that the clips are perfectly safe and provides an excellent grip.


  • Superior quality cables with 500 amp clamps
  • Comes with a maximum length of 25 feet
  • The cables are extremely safe
  • They are made from durable copper
  • Strong and reliable


  • Expensive and bulky 
  • Doesn’t come in a carry case


#2 EPAUTO Jumper Cables

Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

If you are on a budget and need quality jumper cables, the EPAUTO jumper cables are well recommended. These are durable jumper cables made from copper-coated aluminum and steel clamps. Though this is a one-gauge cable, it can charge up vehicle batteries pretty fast.

It is 25 feet in length which makes it suitable for two vehicles that are at far distances. These are ultra-premium cables that are extremely strong. The cables have 800 amps capacity and are suitable for SUVs, vans, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. The package includes a carry bag and safety working gloves.


  • Made from top-quality copper and aluminum 
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a carry bag and gloves
  • Durable and strong
  • Safe to use


  • Small storage bag 


#3 Road Power 86600104 20-Feet Jumper Cable 4-Gauge

Product Rating: 4.7 / 5

This is another option if you want affordable jumper cables of great quality. The Road Power jumper cables come with ergonomically designed handles for easy handling. They are perfect for both warm and cold climates. The jumper cables are 20 feet long. The length is long enough to reach another car battery situated far away.

It comes with polarity labels that glow in the dark. They can jump-start any vehicle pretty fast. The 4-gauge jumper cables have strong clamp exteriors that are properly shielded to avert short circuits. The clamps fit both side posts of the battery terminal.


  • 20 feet long
  • Heavy-gauge construction
  • Made for both hot and cold climates
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to handle


  • No storage bag

#4 Energizer Jumper Cables

Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Energizer battery jumper 1-gauge cables are designed to jump-start cars and heavy-duty automotive. These 800 AMP cables are well made and are known to be very safe. The cable is 25 feet in length making it long enough to connect from one battery to the other.

The handle is very comfortable for easy and secure placement. To prevent rust and corrosion, the clamps are vinyl-coated. It comes with a storage case to perfectly house the cables for easy movement. These are tangle-free copper-clad aluminum cables. They remain very flexible at -40 degrees Celsius.


  • Two years warranty
  • The clamp is coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • 25 feet long
  • Suitable for trucks, SUVs, cars, vans, etc.
  • Easily transportable with a carry case


  • Thin clamps 

#5 TOPDC Jumper Cables

Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

These are extremely affordable jumper cables from TOPDC. These cables are heavy-duty and provide incredible performance. They are made from copper-coated aluminum for durability. The tangle-free design makes the cables easy to use. These are 1-gauge, 25 feet long, and 700 AMP cables.

The clamps are strong enough to hold up the terminal pretty well. These cables are PVC-insulated which makes them remain flexible even at -40 Celsius. It has multiple applications that make it suitable for SUVs, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and vans. It is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • Provides strong clamps
  • Hefty and heavy-duty
  • A carry box is included
  • Suited for multiple applications
  • Tangle-free and affordable


  • Not made with 100% copper



Purchasing the best jumper cables for cars is not something you should do without considering some factors. To purchase jumper cables that don’t fit your battery model would amount to a waste of money and time. This is why you need to do some research before purchasing the jumper cables. Reading this guide will help you purchase the right product for your car battery.

  1. Wire thickness – When we talk of wire thickness, we are not talking of the diameter of the cable. We are talking about the thickness of the inner copper wire gauge. Thicker wires come with a smaller gauge and are capable of handling batteries with higher peak amps. Most drivers choose 8-gauge cables for their cars but 6-gauge cables can get the job done since they provide a higher peak amp. 
  2. Cable material – The cable material is another important consideration before purchasing jumper cables. Avoid products that are made with cheap material. Durable jumper cables are made with 100% copper. They are built to be flexible and oil-resistant. They have the best conductor and a high melting point. Avoid copper-clad aluminum jumper cables because they won’t last long.  
  3. Insulation – Jumper cables should be well insulated to avoid contact that may be accidental. Insulated cables prevent electrical leakage and stop the current of the wire from getting in contact with the other conductors. Its integrity is maintained by protecting against environmental threats like water and heat.
  4. Heavy-duty clamps – Look out for heavy-duty clamps when purchasing jumper cables. They help to transmit current very fast. These clamps are usually stronger and bigger. They make a better connection between two battery terminals. 
  5. Length of the cable – Jumper cables come in different lengths. Always choose a longer cable. A 25-feet cable will be handy when the two vehicles are far from each other. 
  6. Warranty – Don’t joke with warranty. Always ensure that the product you want to purchase comes with a warranty of at least two years.

How to jump-start a vehicle using jumper cables?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What length is best for jumper cables?

Answer: It is advised you choose jumper cables with a longer length. You can never tell how far two vehicles can be from each other. This is why you need to go for 20 or 25 feet jumper cables.

  1. Are booster cables different from jumper cables?

Answer: The two are the same. Jumper cables are also referred to as booster cables.

  1. Is it bad to jump-start a car always? 

Answer: Always jump-starting a car means you are putting all the components of the car at risk. It drains the donor battery too.

Conclusion: Restart your vehicle with a pair of jumper cables

Always prepare yourself ahead to avoid a dead battery headache. Jumper cables can save you from unnecessary embarrassment and get you moving. These cables can come to your rescue when you are stranded in the middle of the road at night without any help. Not having this emergency kit means you would be left to suffer the consequences of a dead battery all alone. 

Jumper cables don’t come cheap but the benefits surpass the cost in the long run. With the jumper cables, you would never be caught stranded in the parking lot or the driveway. Choose one that perfectly fits your battery model to jump-start your battery in no time. It’s quite essential to take care of the cables to maintain your car and therefore adhere to every single step to keep moving.

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  3. My dad always used to have a set of jumpers on him. (I think they were road power ones). We had a lot of trips to Wales and it always seemed to be an issue where we would need those cables. Sometimes it was dads car, sometimes it was gramps car and twice that I remember it was used to help other holidaymakers. 

    The one time that stands out the most though is when our next-door neighbour was getting married and the car that was supposed to take her broke down. Dad and his cables were the heroes of the hour! It’s always good to have some even if it’s not for your car, you never know who may need help.


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