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Do you understand what's the very ideal safety accessory (s) or tool (s) for the vehicle?

It is the mind and eyes which always play an important role in your driving if you care. As per the data, the cause for maximum fatal road accidents is rash driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, mobile phones, casual driving, and so on. So if you see, all the above causes are relevant to the human mindset and vision costing their lives.

All these day's cars are packaged using security and technology features supposed to generate our experience. Injuries do happen and when you're stuck as part of your motor car, you are never likely to be aware of it. It might take some time for emergency services to reach, and anytime you're involved in an accident. One of the best things you can do is get a car escape tool in such situations to arise, that will assist you.

The car escape tools can enable you to lessen the possibility of harm and get you out of your vehicle.

The Benefits Of Having Car Escape Tools

  • Life-saving: The primary reason to have a car escape tool is saving yourself. In an unfortunate event of getting stuck inside the car, you cannot think of anything else other than having a tool or instrument to release yourself and get out of the car. This is where such escape tools come handy in protecting you and your loved ones from life-threatening instances.

  • Reduces damage impact: If your vehicle catches fire or gets jammed under harsh weather conditions with you stuck inside, the best thing to do is by cornering it and using relevant accessories to reduce the damage. This is only possible when you get a chance to come out of your vehicle using an escape tool.

  • Flashlight: Some of the escape tools come equipped with LED flashlight that can be used in the night or under dark environment. It comes handy to support any repairing work or follow the path in the dark.

  • Defend yourself: It may sound a bit irrelevant but in case of an unforeseen event of theft or harassment during travel, the escape tools are capable enough to provide you defense through their sharp blades and powerful spikes.

Best Car Escape Tools in 2020

We'll give you a hand by reviewing a few of the products to pick from and providing info that is invaluable to you. Continue reading!

BEST (AutoSupplements Choice)



Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

This is really a tool that is powerful, despite its dimensions and handheld. It's really a car escape tool that is easy and secure to use. The RESQME Car Escape Tool comes with a spike that is made from steel that you may use to crack your car's side windows.

Additionally, whether or not it's jammed to avoid equipment with this program, you'll be able to slit through your seat belt. This tool is so efficient, it's also acceptable for police agencies and much more. The features of this miniature tool ensure it is an important solution for practically any drivers that are safety conscious.

Besides being lightweight, it's straightforward to utilize this auto escape tool. Whilst the razor could cut almost any stuck seat belts, the spike with this tool will divide the glass. You are able to utilize the RESQME Car Escape Tool to cut seat belts with nominal strength effortlessly.

The spike that is spring-loaded dissipates and can be used on multiple occasions. The blade will perform bench belt cuts and is quite durable.

Easy to use
Easy on the pocket

Does not work on car windshields

BETTER (AutoSupplements Recommend)

#2 LifeHammer


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

This really is a vital tool that you will be able to utilize as soon as your seat belt becomes jammed. If the doors of your vehicle become stuck, you can move out by breaking up the windows. For easy access, mount this tool in your auto in a reachable area.

This auto escape tool features a pin rendering it simple to identify in any circumstance. Its usage is versatile for paramedics policemen, firefighters, and more. Employing the Lifehammer Brand Car Safety Hammer will be your quickest solution to eliminate a young child's car seat.

This tool comprises the shine in the dark. This superior tool will make help ease your mind during traveling since you can use it in order to get out of your vehicle without any effort.

High Quality

Small in size

#3 Ztylus


Product Rating: 4.6 / 5 

You are able to use the Ztylus tool to stop vehicular entrapment. It's a punch that you may use to easily and quickly divide the windows of your car, so you're able to escape. It includes purposes in a convenient and concise package.

Additionally, it has some acts that become the reason for it to be one of the best among the automobile escape tools available in the marketplace today.

It is possible to take advantage of this tool for everyday activities and also in emergency scenarios. The tool doubles as a charger that offers to charge. It has a circuit design that averts overcharging, over-heating, over-currents, and short-circuiting. The application comes with a 5V output along with an input signal of 12V to 24V.

This application features a razor-sharp blade, which you need to employ to cut out on your seat belt. It was analyzed by the manufacturers onto the towing strap that means it will do the job in virtually any auto emergency with you. Additionally, it doubles as a fast-charger using a circuit layout that is wise.

2 USB charges

Some issues related to the plugin


#4 VicTsing


Product Rating: 4.8 / 5 

The next on the list is a simple but very powerful tool. It has a hammerhead with a design that is distinctive. You can utilize one close of the hammer for a seat belt cutter for the flip side and being a window breaker. It features a high-tech grip that is made from vinyl.

VicTsing Emergency Escape Tool comes with a blade that is certainly well-defined which whenever they become jammed, you may use to cut through seat belts. Additionally, it features a handle helping to make it a lot easier to grasp the tool as you are deploying it.

It also comes with a tapered and pointed design that makes it efficient. The mind is made of steel enough to break car windows. In addition, it is versatile, as it's possible to mount the application in various places.

This really can be a tool that is reliable and excessively demanding. It's quite easy to deal like a knife or even a hammer. It comes at a price that is affordable, Its flexibility expands to the method that it can be mounted by you so you could position the tool as per your convenience.

High performance
Ergonomic design

Doesn’t work on windshields

#5 BlueSkyBos


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

A perfect safety tool for escaping your vehicle in case of an emergency. Highly recommended by firefighters, and rescue workers and many other customers, this compact and lightweight tool is easy to fit in the glove box, central console, or door pocket.

With high-quality glass hammer breaker and seat belt cutter, this 2-1 tool will help you to escape from the situations where you are trapped in your car during an emergency with seat belt jammed, and doors and windows locked. It comes with a plastic holder for convenient mounting and glowing reflection to help you use it in dark or low light conditions.

It is among the car escape tools that will help to facilitate your mind while traveling as you are able to use it in order to escape your vehicle. It also comes with a nice protected blister pack, making it a perfect life-saving gift for yourself and your loved ones with a lifetime warranty.

Easy to use
Low cost
Peace of mind

Some issues with glowing reflection



Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

IPOW life-saving hammer tool is another highly rated and most commonly used escape tool. With this tool, you can break free and escape in dangerous situations caused by car accidents. You need to have this tool to save yourself, family, and friends from injuries during an emergency when there is less time.

We love the design of this tool, it is so compact that it easily fits in your hand and also comes with a mounting bracket so it is fixed conveniently and does not fall even in a collision, but can be easily removed whenever needed.

It possesses a sharp safeguarded razor blade to cut off seat belts quickly along with hardened sharp stainless steel points to shatter the vehicle's window in an emergency. It also has a hammer on the other side of the spike which can be used for hammering or screwing as an added advantage.

This is a must-have tool for you in case of emergency situations when there is no time to lose and when you and your loved ones are in danger.

Value for money

Some issues with mounting brackets

#7 Sinsen


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

A durable and reliable life-saving safety hammer and seat belt cutter act as a multi-functional tool to allow you to quickly exit your vehicle in an emergency situation. It comes in a bright orange color for you to easily find it in dark or low light.

This sturdy and dependable car safety hammer is a must-have a piece of equipment that should be kept in your vehicles at all times. It has a solid steel pointed window breaker and an ultra-sharp seat belt cutter blade which will quickly free you from the wreckage of your car in an emergency situation.

The orange color tool makes it easier to identify and use in low light or dark areas. This safety hammer can be mounted using two bolts on the back of the holder that comes with it.

This is a cleverly designed, must have a life-saving tool to get you out of your vehicle fast, so you and your loved ones remain unharmed till further assistance arrives.

Easy to use

May not work on all types of new car glasses

#8 Swiss+Tech


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

The Swiss+Tech BodyGuard is simple to use tool which could cut seat belts, split windows, and much more. It's a hammer which you are able to deploy just by pressing on it from one of the windows of the car.

This instrument includes a seat belt cutter that is sharp and secure. It is simple to use to spare yourself and your passengers. However, this is not the only purpose of this flexible instrument. It cuts seat belts that are trapped and additionally with this tool, as you can attempt to break yourself, it is possible to flash a crisis sign, set off a loud alarm, and light your way.

These functions make this among the best escape tools readily available, and the fantastic thing is that the functions are fast and simple to execute. The use of this multi-tool is perfect for women and men which comes at an inexpensive price.

Multi-utility tool

Inefficient key chain option

#9 StatGear SuperVizor


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

This tool is vital for anybody with a vehicle. Little in size, however simple and strong to use. Features seat belt cutter and a window punch for escape through emergencies and accidents. Belt sander cuts through automobile restraints of your passengers and alerts you.

There is a tip glass breaker used to spare kids and pets, your passengers, or yourself. Critical for if unconscious trapped in vehicles.

Designed by a NY City Paramedic who knows the requirement for having a tool in terms of, life-saving instruments which are easily reachable in your vehicle. This package is ideal to discuss with friends or family, or for owners of vehicles.

Easy to use
Easily accessible
Ergonomic design
Value for money

Small in size

#10 Ingear


Product Rating: 3.9 / 5 

The INGEAR autoXscape Flashlight is a unique tool which is a flashlight, and also acts as an auto escape tool. It comes with a bracket, along with screws and an adhesive pad.

It is a flashlight that acts as a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. The tool's body is durable and waterproof. Additionally, the tool's substance lets it withstand emergency scenarios.

One of the important features of this instrument is that it can break car windows made of tempered glass smoothly because of its layout. You can cut through the seat belts effortlessly with the sharp seat belt cutter.

This is a must-have tool for car owners that can be placed in your vehicle anywhere as per your convenience with the accompanying mounting bracket. This surely provides peace of mind while driving.

High quality
Unique design

Lacks durability


Qualities to think about Car Escape Tools.

What are the crucial things to consider when purchasing car escape gear:

Features to look for while buying car escape tools

  1. Multi-tasking tools- The majority of these have the exact capabilities, although there are many automobile escape tools readily available in the current marketplace. Included in these are also a window breaker and a seat belt cutter. However, additionally, there are others that arrive with much more, a knife, mounting brackets, plus a LED flashlight. Thinking of it, it will also allow you to know exactly what you want to be on the watch for, also what you would like in something.

  2. High performance- If it comes for the car that is ideal escape gear, performance is vital. They ought to have the ability to execute, As tools will be used by you in emergency situations. The tools might help to save your own life which usually means they need to be dependable, durable, and well-made.

  3. Durability- Long life is another important feature. Even though, car escape tools are pricey. Consequently, you would need the one that will stay as you are attempting to flee from your car, without breaking.

  4. Capability- It should be a multi-tasker. Irrespective of being also a window breaker and a seat belt cutter some auto escape tools have purposes. Irrespective of being very beneficial a tool includes purposes. Look at the specifications of this product to determine whether it's got the characteristics that you are searching for.

  5. Security- These automobile getaway tools have their stand out features. All you need to do is choose what type matches your needs and preferences. Security is extremely essential plus it can't be endangered.

  6. Style- It should always allow you to escape from the vehicle in the event of an unexpected urgent situation, although there are various kinds of car escape applications readily available. One form of car escape tool will be that a seat belt cutter which is really a vital tool to have in case you end up stuck as your seat belt is jammed or won’t function. There are glass replicas for different kinds. With this type of tool, the windows of one's vehicle can divide and escape without any damage. As a few merchandise and services are supposed to break kinds of glass, pick the glass breaker.

  7. Access- One other variable that you think about could be the accessibility of the tool. The car escape gear ought to be there once you want them to take you out from a circumstance that is challenging. Availability is important, so choose the one that you'll be able to mount into your car easily. Some automobile getaway programs are available in colors for greater visibility.

  8. Simplicity of usage- Yet another basic aspect of any safety tool. As car escape programs will be used by you in emergency situations, you got to be aware of just how to use these conveniently. Ease of usage can help raise your probability of success.

How to use the car escape tool

Working with a Seat Belt cutter

Seat belts are crucial, once you are traveling. However, while you undergo a collision, you will find times when you might be hindered by a seat belt. In such circumstances, you require a seat belt cutter. The perfect method is to yank the seat belt tightly which makes it a lot easier to cut the stuff along together with your tool.

By Means of a glass breaker

The other auto escape tool that is frequent would be a glass breaker. This is often considered a real-life saver especially in scenarios where your vehicle will get submerged in warm water. Glass stoves are spring-loaded or manual. For the ones that are spring-loaded, set the tool against the glass, and then trigger it. For the ones that are direct, you may also need to keep the tool in your hands, aim at that corner of a glass window, and divide it.

In any event, you ought to understand allowing this to serve its own goal, just how exactly to utilize the glass sander. The ideal method would be to learn the guidelines of the product. Try that until you store or bracket your own tool whenever the problem appears.

Are the safety tools re-usable?

The answer is yes. Although, we hope and pray that you never have to face a situation to use these tools, but in unfortunate scenarios which will certainly be far and few, these tools are extremely durable and long-lasting for multiple usages.

Conclusion: Escape unhurt with car escape tools

A car escape tool is a very important item in whenever you are traveling, whether on highways or within the city limits. With these tools, you are always going to wind up prepared in emergency conditions.

Before you get the best car escape tool for yourself, you should always consider quite a few things about your choice and convenience from different services and products.

In the above article, we have talked about the factors you should consider before making a final purchase. We have selected and analyzed the best services and products in the market to assist you in selecting a car escape tool that will fulfill all your needs and personal preferences.

I hope the above information is helpful in making you choose the best escape tool for your car. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Now this is indeed a very useful thing to have in your car although I don’t think many have thought of having one myself included. You know, most of the time we think that nothing bad can happen to us until it does. And of course it’s too late by then. Your article will certainly made me think of getting one of these. It’s not so expensive and it can be a real life savior if something bad ever happens.

    And I like that they have included a window smasher along with seat belt cutter all in one. Excellent product and kudos to you for providing many options to choose from.

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      Thanks for your valuable feedback. These small tools play a big part in saving your life on the road. I personally recommend to have it in your car kit list and always carry while traveling.


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