Best Floor Mats for Cars in 2020



A floor mat for car, also known as vehicle or automobile floor mat is supplied as a complimentary accessory by dealers with most of the cars. These mats become an essential part of your vehicle to clean the dirt, and other food or pet mess easily. They also act as a cover for your vehicle flooring and protect it from wear and tear, corrosion, and other damages.

The Benefits Of Having Car Floor Mats

  • Floor protection: Floor mats are instrumental in restricting the food crumbs, pet hair, etc. and also protects from day-to-day dirt and dust to settle on your vehicle’s floor.
  • Cleanliness: One of the main reasons to have a floor mat is to keep your vehicle in clean condition. Most of these floor mats can be easily removed and washable.
  • Safety: Floor mats come under safety regulations and the manufacturers follow stringent regulatory steps to produce the safest floor mats that should be antiskid, and anti-slipping.
  • Appearance: Floor mats come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that provide an additional level of attraction to the overall looks of your car’s interiors. It also helps in improving the driving experience if you know that you are on a stylish, high-quality, and beautiful floor mats.
  • Resale-value: Carpeting is one of the checking points along with other parts that can make a big impression when you want to sell your car. A clean and stable flooring will be an added booster to the resale value.

Best Floor Mats for Cars in 2020

For the vehicle owners without floor mats, it becomes necessary to do specific research before investing in buying these products. The floor mats come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and should also comply with safety regulations.

In such a scenario, let us have a look and review some of the best floor mats for cars below.  

BEST (AutoSupplements Choice)

#1 Husky Liners Front & Second Seat Floor Liners


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

The weather beater foot liners are designed to settle in complex figures like board areas of trunks, cargo, etc. They have a fit design along with elevated containment walls which proffer tidiness in bad conditions as well. The unique design equipped in the liners restricts dirt agents like snow, mud, debris, and water away from your vehicle's carpet and makes it clean and tidy.

The Husky floor liners come with a lifetime warranty that secures it from breaks and cracks. The rubberized material resists the collection of gas, battery acid, and oil. The front liners are one of the best equipment for car floors as they have liner grip which adds ease in restraining dust and dirt.

Durable material
Anti-skid technology
It is expensive

BETTER (AutoSupplements Recommend)

#2 Armor All Rubber Interior Floor Mats


Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Armor All rubber interior mats are highly cost-effective and proffer customization ease. These mats have a protective sheet that brings effective utility. The mats have a carpet claw anti-slip technology that prevents it from skidding and the material used is rubber, which helps in dealing with all the temperatures and weathers.

Armor All Rubber floor mats can be found in multiple types of configurations. The color options are also wide and one can get them in one, two, and three-piece packs. For your convenience, get these floor mats as per your automobile requirement.

Suitable for all weather conditions
Made with anti-skid technology
Easy cleaning feature
May not fit in some car models

#3 Motor Trend MT-923-BK FlexTough Contour Liners


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

The Motor Trend Rubber floor mats are highly flexible and tough. The mats are designed in order to offer the utmost grip and protection to the main floor of the car from external dust. The ridges are structured in diagonal and linear shapes which helps in strategically trapping the dust.

The quality of these mats is extremely high and users can enjoy non-toxic and odorless utility. These rubber floor mats are excellent for usage in all the seasons. Users can trim them as per their requirement and has a design of the deep inverted shell.

Suitable odorless rubber material
Tough and crack-resistant
It also offers a custom fit
A bit expensive


#4 OxGord Luxe 4 Piece Floor Mats


Product Rating: 4.3 / 5 

Do you like the feel of rubber mats beneath your feet while driving? No? Then comfortable carpet style floor mats could be just the products for you. These OxGord Carpet Floor Mats are super convenient and comfortable. And their good looks are just another plus point.

With a rubber backing on these carpets, you can rest assured that these will not slip or move around with sudden movements. These have got a luxurious and sleek appeal to them, and are made to fit most cars and trucks out there. Being carpet-style doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours cleaning; easy to clean and install floor mats.

Universal fit
Thick & odorless
Easy cleaning
Not effective against liquid

#5 FH Group Black F11311


Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 

The Black F11311 by FH Group is a stain-proof & water-resistant mat that can single-handedly save your car floor from lasting smudges. This mat has raised-edges, preventing the carpet from getting any stains or marks. FH Group Black F11311 mats are made from a durable and easy to clean material; one can easily clean these with water and soap.

With functional design and structure, these mats are slip-resistant as well. Available in a multitude of colors in an inexpensive price tag, these mats are great with cars with different interior styles; these will add a utilitarian color boost to your cars.

Designed to easily trap dirt and liquids
Excellent grip
Custom-fit not ensured

#6 Maxliner Supercrew Cab


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

A mat for your cars that will fit in without any problem could be the MAXLINER SuperCrew Cab- one of the best floor mats for cars. Their design makes it possible to fir these in almost all cars and automobiles. The material used in making these mats is very flexible and durable, making it an ideal product for buying.

The contoured shape and design of these mats make it easy to trap in any liquid or dirt particles; keeping your carpets clean and safe. For cleaning, you just have to pour water on these mats through pipes and they are fresh-looking again!

Easy installation and cleaning
Made from recycled materials
Raised ridges for carpet safety
Can only be used with front-bench seat

#7 AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy-duty Car Floor Mat


Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 

The AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mat is highly useful as they have exclusive honeycomb vaults, which helps in trapping spills. Enriched with flexibility, these floor mats are also durable as they have got space-age rubber composite along with a unique material that is fade & crack resistant.

The mats have traction which keeps the mat in place and doesn't allow the driver to get distracted. These floor mats cover a large area of space and you can have them in a wide variety of patterns. So get these AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mats and make a wise choice for your car.

Thick and flexible rubber
Non-slip pattern
Easy to clean
Few may dislike the odor

#8 BDK MT-641-RD Universal Fit Metallic Car Floor Mat


Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 

If long road trips are what you enjoy then having a sturdy car floor mat is an important thing. This BDKMT614RD floor mat has a universal model, which suits to the SUVs and sedan models. The color is quite distinct and offers exceptional charm to the interiors; you can make your best selection as per the model you have.

The front mats have an anti-skid rubber, which provides friction to the car. The anti-skid also ameliorates protection from the slippery surface. Another interesting part is that it brings a metal chrome finish, that keeps them dust-free.

Simple and easy cleaning procedure
Has a non-skid system backed by the rubber
Has no flexibility

#9 FlexTough Advanced Performance Liners


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 

Flex Tough Advanced Performance Liners are made with sturdy and flexible rubber material making them long-lasting and useful; these can outlive all weather conditions with ease. Being flexible makes them befitting for various types and shapes of cars, and to add on to this these mats are odorless; No more smell & no more mess!

Also, cleaning these mats will not be a major issue either, being made of rubber prevents staining and repels liquid easily. You just have to throw water with pressure, and the mats are ready to roll.

Fully odorless rubber
Flexible and tough style
Easy installation and cleaning
Rear mats are smaller

#10 BDK MT614RDAMw1 Metallic Rubber Floor Mats


Product Rating: 4.6 / 5 

The BDKMT614RDAMw1 is a semi-trimmable car floor mat that has multiple benefits. The very first one is its adaptability in various 4 wheeler automobiles like a sedan, SUV, and truck. It has a two-tone design that makes it sleek and also proffers protection for supplementary products in the car.

The floor mat doesn't have any material used that would allow chemicals and bad odor, which can have a detrimental effect on your car. The metallic finish brings a charming look and makes it highly durable, further enhancing the look of the car. The car has a pack of 4 mats suiting to the front and rear ends.

The metallic top finish offers explicit shine and look
Anti-skip nib backing makes the mat secure
Some issues with packaging


In some of the very rare issues related to car care, one is maintaining & cleaning the floor of the car. These car floor carpets and mats look extremely charming and elegant. The car floor mats attract a lot of dirt and dust, which is solid as well as liquid.

Although, taking some of the interesting floor mats will allow you to have an exclusive finish and also allow you to easily resolve this issue. Placing a car mat over your expensive car carpet will give you a fine finish and make you tackle the cleaning issues of the car. Here are a few things you need to tackle:

Features to look for while buying floor mats for cars

  1. The Type of Floor Mat- The floor mats are of varied types and come in various sizes. Depending on the materials, techniques, and range of quality precision, the types of mats differ from each other. Although, in general, there are two types of car floor mats. These are carpet floor mats and all-season weather mats. All-season mats are usually made of flexible plastic and rubber. These mats are suitable for dealing with extreme weather conditions that include the effects of mud, snow, and water. The carpeted floor mats offer protection against daily wear and tear, but might not be able to tackle extremities.
  2. Adaptability As Per Car Design- A wide range of products is available in the market that fits a wide variety of car models. These designs may vary as per manufacturing styles. Some of the styles are:
    • Vehicle Specific: These car mats are specifically designed as per a few models of particular brands. These custom-fit mats are elegant and offer a fine finish to the interiors of the car. Although they are a bit expensive as well.
    • Universal Design: These car mats are made for not just one but multiple types of models and vehicles. It is one of the cost-effective solutions and has a less creative appeal.
    • Trim To Fit: These are custom mats, which can be trimmed as per the requirement of the automobile. Depending on the size of the floorboards, these can be trimmed accordingly. They are useful for unique car models and patterns.
    • Appeal: The appeal of the mat matters a lot, especially when you have an all-new model. The market is full of efficient mats that are exclusive in designs and utility which helps in protecting the interiors of your car. Get hands-on the amazing and best floor mats for cars and match them with exclusive color options that suit your vehicle.
    • Maintenance: Maintenance is also an important aspect, especially when it comes to car floor mats. The best floor mats for cars without a doubt are rubber and vinyl material, as cleaning them is an easy task. They are washable and all you need to do is extract them, wash and rinse. The cleaning procedure is quite simple, although if you have carpeted or fabric floor mats, then it is certainly a major issue to tackle. For carpet mats, take shampoo and scrub and occasionally do the cleaning stuff.

How to choose and fit the floor mats for your car

As we know, car floor mats are available in different shapes and sizes and that demands some important steps to be followed to fit them as per your car’s design.

  1. First of all, you need to manually measure the front, and back of your car’s flooring through measuring tape and record the height and width appropriately. Make sure to notice the obstructions or slants of your car’s flooring.
  2. It is better to make a cut out of measurement on the cardboard that will be helpful while choosing the floor mats.
  3. The next step is to choose the type of floor mats you want. You need to consider the design, color, style, and size of the floor mats that be very close to matching your measurement.
  4. Clean the overall flooring of your car before you plan to place the floor mats. Remove the old floor mats in case you are replacing it with a new one.
  5. Vacuuming your car flooring is the best option to clean the vehicle. It ensures the cleanliness of minute particles from the flooring that may un-balance the laying of floor mats.
  6. Fit the floor mats basis the size and measurement on front and back. The design of the floor mats is also an indication of their flooring relevance.
  7. You may have to adjust the seats to properly lay the floor mats, especially near the break and accelerator paddles. Ensure they don’t distract the feet movement while driving.

Note: Regular cleaning and washing are recommended to keep your car floor mats in good condition and highly durable.

Conclusion: Are Floor Mats worthy of your car?

The car mats are one of the elegant pieces of interiors in a car, and one must select the most useful and effective floor mat. Getting the best car floor mat is always important and custom mats are a wise choice as it proffers ease in installation as well as motivates you for regular cleaning. The car, being one of the precious investments, is required to have amazing care and maintenance, which is why getting a car mat is useful.

We now know the importance of having floor mats in your vehicle. Not having a floor mat is your personal choice but be ready to shell out on extra cost at service centers and some manual effort in maintaining your car’s floor regularly.

These floor mats are not very expensive and help in taking care of your car’s flooring to perfection if appropriately used.


I hope the above information is helpful in making you choose the best floor mats for your car. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Thank you for your review on best car floor mats for this year. I had no idea that Armor All has a car mats line. I only have been using their cleaning products. They are so cheap for all 4, but I have to find out if it fits my car or not. I do not want to ruin my original car mats from all the salt and the snow. I wish I do not have to trim it myself to fit the car. FH Group is also another good one for the price. 

    Might get it but I have to talk to my husband first. 


    • Hi Nuttanee,

      External floor mats are a must-have to protect your original car flooring and also provide convenient seating experience in the car. I urge you to choose the best fit for your car.

      In case you do not want to do it yourself, the universal fit car floor mats are the best option that requires minimum manual intervention and fits efficiently. Motor Trend, OxGord, and Husky Liners are a good option in the universal fit category.

  2. Hi

    Anybody who has driven a car knows the importance of floor mats, as they are not only there to make cleaning your car easier but is very important to have something comfortable to have your feet on. You often worry that if you have a disabled passenger that the may slip and the disabled passenger with it, causing them a nasty injury. You feel that these mats are for the passenger, driver and to make the car inside smarter.  It is good to see that you do have a choice instead of the blacks everywhere but then again I think most people do not want their inside of the car to stick out. So many choices and you do not know which one to buy,  but as long as they protect my car and are easy to clean then I will be a happy bunny. 

    I do hope that they are llong-lastingas well.



    • Hi Antonio,

      You have highlighted a good point on disabled passengers inside the vehicle. Yes, they do need special attention and are most vulnerable to slipping or skidding. A qualitative and good material floor mats can make a lot of difference not only for the disabled but for all types of passengers.

      The main objective of writing this article is to provide knowledge, tips and guidance on floor matting and also ease your mind in choosing the best of floor mats from the list of hundreds.

      To further narrow down the list, you can choose anyone from our Personal Top Picks that have the long-lasting capabilities.

  3. Hi, James here, this website on “best car floor mats” is a comprehensive one that shows a wide variety in types of auto floor mats. Every type and style that was presented showed a rating on appearance, disadvantage, and cost; this approach functions as a means of helping the person viewing to make a well-informed decision, which is a plus.
    A distinction was also made with regard to the material used in the manufacturing of products such as Vinal, rubber, and carpet materials. Attention was also given to the customized design of the mats and the approach in measuring any vehicle to determine the appropriate size mat to fit the surface interior in question. Further, the choice of colors that blends with the interior of the vehicle is an additional enhancement to the auto being outfitted.
    The video produced clearly showed how to do the customized markings and cuttings for fit in front and rear installations.
    The quality of mats was identified in the material used in the design, with the builtin safety features, like nonskid, slip-resistant along with coatings that repel liquids and soil and add a sheen that boosts appearance.
    Overall the site was quite a user friendly, informative with good quality and variety floor mats.

    • Hi James,
      A quality and good looking floor mats for your car is an added advantage that also enhances the overall looks of the interiors.
      These floor mats save your car’s original flooring from day to day damages and also provide protection from pre-mature aging of floor material.

      Thanks for visiting my site and providing encouraging comments.

  4. Hello, thank you for this very detailed post, I understand that it takes a lot of conscious calculated and deliberate research and effort to put this together, plus that it is so simple to read and follow, I wanted to change my car floor mat before this corona virus pandemic outbreak, but this post now just gave me more knowledge about floor mat and the ine that will be suitable for my car.

    • Hello Jomata,

      Yes, you will have to analyze the overall size, measurement, and style before finalizing on floor mats for your car. I urge you to go through the steps in this article if you are planning to replace the floor mats.

      Thanks for your comments.

  5. A car floor mat is matplaced inside the car to make the interior free from any particles like dirt and moisture. The mat is placed beneath our feet so any particles from the outside can be caught and collected. So basically the mat helps keep our cars free from dirt or moisture that we usually bring inside our car.A car mat serves to protect the floor of your vehicle from all of the dirt and mud you track in, the food and drinks you spill, and more.i’d recommend The Motor Trend Rubber floor mats due to its flexibility and quality.thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Wilson,

      You are spot on with your understanding of car floor mats. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and Motor Trend Rubber floor mats are one of the most used and qualitative products in this category.


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