Best Helmets For Motorcycle (2021)

Best Helmets for Motorcycle

You will ride numerous miles, and you will smile numerous smiles on your motorcycle, however, both will be enhanced considerably further if they are done in a helmet. A motorcycle helmet is the difference between your life and death. However, a few helmets are definitely more compelling than others. In this review post, you will find the best helmets for motorcycle that will accommodate your spending plan, meet your requirements, and above all, protect your head.

The benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet

  • Head-Protection: A helmet is meant to protect your head from all the risks and dangers on the road. Fundamentally, a helmet has basically three parts: a hard external layer (called the shell), a delicate internal layer (typically made of extended polystyrene or polypropylene), and a system to keep the entire thing tied to your head. The highest fatalities among road accidents are due to head injury, and wearing a helmet reduces the consequences of head injury by almost 67% which is helpful in saving your life.
  • Weather-protection: Apart from head protection a helmet will shield you from wind, downpour, snow, and pollution. It also helps in keeping you away from getting ear infections. You can continue to ride your motorcycle without worrying about the harsh weather conditions with your helmet on.
  • Connectivity: Nowadays, most helmets come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can also install the Bluetooth device externally on your helmet to remain connected with your mobile phone. The helmets can even stream music and provide the GPS route. These advanced feature helmets improve connectivity and avoid distractions while riding. Talking on the phone has become easier with Bluetooth integration.
  • Improved Security: Most current helmets made today give better security than the older helmets. The latest technology and advancements have made helmets lighter, more secure, and more element-rich. Propelled materials, for example, carbon fiber, improved optics in the face shields, and new security components like MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) improve your overall security.
  • Compliance: Almost all the countries in the world have a mandatory rule for wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle. Breaching the law will cost you hefty fines and imprisonment. Abiding by the regulatory requirement and wearing a helmet will save you money, give peace-of-mind and make your ride safe.

5 Best Helmets for Motorcycle (2021)

Choosing a perfect helmet for yourself depends on the type of rider you are. Every sort of ride needs a particular type of motorcycle helmet. If your motorcycle is like a workhorse for you, then you’ll require something fit for regular use. In the wake of thinking about these things, let’s review some of the best motorcycle helmets below, that will help you discover the ideal shield for you.


#1 LS2 Helmets Stream Fan

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

Beauty and the beast. LS2 helmets are proven, protectors. The full-face helmet is built with a twin shield system that provides invaluable protection from the sun and other distractions. The flip of a switch makes easy retraction. Meeting high standards of safety, it has a quick-release chin strap and an easily removable and washable technical fabric liner inside. LS2 makers have assembled a helmet that is the perfect piece to satisfy your cruising needs.


  • Quick discharge jaw
  • Very lightweight and streamlined shell focuses on comfort
  • A five-year guarantee covers any processing plant or configuration imperfections
  • Price Point is a small amount of what others cost, making this an excellent worth
  • Fits most head shapes and sizes serenely


  • Visors do tend to mist up in the colder climate


#2 TORC T50 Route 66

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

We have ourselves a ¾ quarter helmet, with a great part of a similar inclusion, while giving a ton of a similar opportunity of a half helmet. They have more protection, however won’t block your view by any means. It has a removable visor with Ultrasuede inner liner padding for overall comfort.

The lightweight is a result of an advanced thermal polymer alloy shell that is highly protective and effective in dispersing impact energy.


  • The false softened cowhide liner is unparalleled as far as solace
  • Padded jawline lash protects the helmet to your head with little development
  • Fits valid and holds cozy, considering delayed use.
  • The value point is low, while the quality is high, giving incredible worth


  • The fitting dimension may not be suitable for all types of riders


#3 AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

A product from AHR that knows how to protect your head while on the move. This is a retro german style designed helmet that covers the head and half of your face. If you’re looking for constant fresh air and classy looks while riding, this is the choice.

Apart from the looks, it has a powerful ABS shell and EPS liner with DOT certification to ensure maximum safety. It is lightweight and easy to use and the tough shell that is DOT FMVSS-218 certified gives you better protection and comfortable wearing. The half-face helmet has a chin strap that can be easily used to put it on and off.


  • Classy Looks
  • Made with tough material
  • Easy to breathe
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • No full-face protection

#4 ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet

Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

ILM Motorcycle Street Helmet is a great product with the best quality and value point. ILM put a great deal of work into this helmet, and it appears. The streaming aerodynamic design helmet has an advanced durable ABS shell and EPS pads. For appropriate ventilation assuring its jawline, forehead, back vents and furthermore mouth all work together.

It qualifies the standard of the DOT and the standard of the US quite well. One year guarantee will promise your item security. Overall the safety of the rider that this helmet can guarantee is generally most important.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Helmet accompanies 2 visors
  • Easy to remove and strap
  • Comes with removable and washable liners
  • Fits cozily


  • Non-durable finish

#5 Bell Bullit Full-Face Helmet

Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

This is a road cruiser’s fantasy, with a full-face shield and venting that guarantees appropriate wind flow. Made of genuine leather and an anti-bacterial interior the helmet is easily removable and washable. It flaunts integrated speaker pockets and enhances personal looks with available accessory shields.

Likewise, it’s made by Bell, the trusted industry leader providing a 5-year warranty meeting all the DOT safety standards to give you complete peace of mind while riding.


  • The removable inside coating makes cleaning simple
  • Microsuede lining is delicate and breathable
  • Wider face opening permits great fringe vision on


  • Tight-fitting against the head


Motorcycle Helmet

Regardless of whether you are a prepared rider hoping to replace or redesign a current helmet or you’re simply beginning. The motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide is planned to find the best helmet for you.

  • Helmet Shell Material – Most of the helmet shell material consists of a combination of fiberglass, polycarbonate, and carbon that helps in creating an EPS (Extended Polystyrene) coating to provide comfort and safety inside. It is also instrumental in keeping the helmet at an ideal weight that can be easily put on and off. Its essential capability is to ensure your head in case of effect or scraped spot and to keep safe from outside things, for example, rocks, dust, insects, etc.
  • Helmet Weight – The normal weight of a helmet is 1400 to 1800 grams. When a helmet is completely fit on your head, its weight equally distributed around the head and shoulder. Riders should put more attention on the heaviness of their helmet. The lighter the helmet, the less energy needs to carry it. Furthermore, a lightweight helmet is considerably more charming and friendly to wear for significant bounces. Secluded helmets frequently gauge in excess of a Full Face in view of the device introduced to flip up the visor.
  • Comfort Quality – The present helmets offer various innovative advances. Features like an incorporated sunshade, wind decrease measures, and communication arrangements all serve to improve the riding experience.
  • Additional Safety Features – Helmets having a cheek pad system make its removal easier from the head in case of an injury for medical staff without causing any further physical damage. Another feature that adds to the protection is MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). It helps in reducing the impacts of the rotational forces because of the unique slip-plane advancement option inside the helmet.
  • DOT Certification -A DOT-certified helmet is an added advantage. DOT (Department Of Transportation (U.S)) certification is rewarded to the products that are successful in passing the impact, penetration, and resistance tests and are regarded as the safest and highest quality.
  • Cost – The features and material are the decisive factors in calculating the cost for helmets. In simple words, a costly helmet usually offers better insurance, comfort, and innovation however that doesn’t mean you can’t find a quality helmet at an affordable cost.

How to measure your helmet dimension?

An improperly fitted helmet can cause a mishap. You need to be aware of your head dimensions to decide on the selection of the best motorcycle helmet. A helmet that is too huge won’t ensure your head just as an appropriately fitted helmet. Below steps will make your task easier:

  • First of all, you will have to measure your head with an assessing tape that should be around the rear of your head about half-inch over your eyebrows, and ears.
  • Compare your head size with the particular motorcycle helmet assembling’s size to discover a match. Each motorcycle helmet producer gives diverse estimating diagrams to their helmets so you should contrast your helmet size with each brand’s measuring.
  • It is better to wear your helmet before you begin the ride. The best-fitting position highlight is if your helmet’s highest point (i.e. eye-port) is sitting comfortably over your eyebrows on your head. An appropriately fitted motorcycle helmet won’t go on the simple from the outset however relax marginally as it is broken in.
  • You may need to re-assess the size of your helmet if your fingers can easily slide between the head and helmet. The helmet should fit comfortably around your head and face. Whenever wanted, the cheek cushions would then be able to be balanced for better fitting.
  • Moreover, you must decide your head shape. A superbly measured helmet may fit cozy on one rider however free or awkward on another.

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the different types/shapes of helmets?

Answer: Head shape is similarly as significant as head size for helmet manufacturing. Most of the helmets come in the following egg shapes:

  • Long – An oval head-shaped helmet that reflects like an egg and is longer vertically and shorter horizontally on the sides.
  • Intermediate – These types of helmets are manufactured by most companies and are highly used. It is round in shape and wider from side-to-side with shorter front-to-back.
  • Round – Round helmets differ from intermediate helmets with longer side-to-side design. Helmet shape adds to general comfort and safety.
  1. When to buy a new helmet?

Answer: You should buy a new motorcycle helmet after five years or whenever it is damaged in an accident or broken.

  1. What is the cost of motorcycle helmets?

Answer: The cost of a motorcycle helmet depends on its brand, type, and features. Motorcycle helmets can cost between $50 to $500.

Conclusion: Protect your head and stay connected with motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle riders are multiple times more at risk to crash than other drivers. An appropriate helmet can reduce the fatality rate significantly. We suggest that all riders whether you are simply beginning or have been riding for a considerable length of time, place safety at the highest priority on their list when taking a look at new helmets.

With regards to picking the best, it’s always a close competition. There is certainly space for difference, and at long last, subjectivity is a genuine thing. Style, fit and feel are difficult to characterize and mechanical developments are occurring quickly. Our choice of helmets is of high-quality material, stylish, durable, and affordable.

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