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Except you want to intentionally commit suicide, we all agree it is not safe to use the phone while riding on a motorcycle. But there are times you need to make use of the phone without touching it. If you have lost track after riding a long distance, you may need to find which direction to turn next.

This is when you turn to your GPS device or phone for guidance. It is difficult to hold the phone and check the GPS while riding. This is why you need a cell phone mount or GPS holder.


The Benefits Of Using Phone Mounts While Riding The Motorcycle

  • Safety: It is always to safe to ride the motorcycle with both hands. A one-handed stunt to maneuver the bike can lead to serious consequences which are possible if your other hand is occupied by your phone. A phone mount allows you to talk on the phone with speaker on/hands-free easily without disturbing your ride.
  • Distraction-free: A frequently ringing mobile phone causes distraction while riding the motorcycle. It also takes a lot of effort to remove the phone from your gear if you want to attend the phone while riding. A phone mount easily holds the phone under its structure.
  • Navigation: Your mobile phone also acts as a navigator to guide and keep you on the correct path. It prevents you from taking wrong turns, and taking frequent halts to ask the by-passers or judging the right path yourself. A phone mount is a convenient way of bending the phone screen appropriately to show you the navigation.
  • Entertainment: A phone mount allows you to use your phone as a source of entertainment. You can listen to music, view the videos with Bluetooth or hands-free earphones while on the move. As a precaution, you really have to be an expert and attentive towards riding if you want to remain entertained.
  • Phone Protection: Keeping the mobile phone in your gear pocket and removing it while riding or talking on the phone while moving may result in damaging your phone by getting slipped or fall on the road. A phone mount structure protects your mobile phone from the above scenarios.

Best Cell Phone Mounts in 2020

A phone mount helps you to mount your phone on your motorcycle handlebar so you can use the device on freehand.

Here is a list of 5 best cell phone mount reviews / GPS holders.

BEST (AutoSupplements Choice)

#1 Tackform Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount


Product Rating: 4.8 / 5 

If you regularly ride off-road, this phone mount is well recommended for you. It is perfect for mountain bikes, street bikes, dirt bikes, and bicycles. The accessory is compatible with devices that are 0.5 inches thick and 3.25 inches wide. There is no fidgeting with your phone. You can easily remove your phone by pulling it out just once.

With a clamp that is made from strong machined aluminum, this phone mount is certified fail-proof. There are two Allen wrenches to securely hold the mount in place.

360 degrees rotation,
Easy to install,
High strength aluminum construction,
Easy to use,
Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
It is pricey

BETTER (AutoSupplements Recommend)

#2 RAM Mounts X-Grip Universal Phone Holder


Product Rating: 4.6 / 5 

RAM Mounts is a household name when it comes to phone holders and mounts. They produce quality and durable accessories. The X-Grip Universal Phone Holder is not an exception. It features a spring-load that expands and contracts to securely hold your phone in place.

It also comes with a heavy rubber strap that serves as an extra holding power for your gadget. The ball and socket system allows you to easily adjust the accessory to your desired position. It is made from rustproof aluminum and stainless construction.

Durable and sturdy construction,
Easy to mount,
360 degrees rotation,
Provides a perfect fit for your phone
The rubber tips may require gluing


#3 ILM Upgraded Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount


Product Rating: 4.3 / 5 

The Upgraded ILM Phone Mount is designed for mountain bikes, quads, bicycles, dirt bikes, and street bikes. It is made from aluminum to guarantee its sturdiness and durability. With this phone mount, you don’t have to worry about riding on a rough road because it secures your phone perfectly.

Its unique design makes it fit differently from the other types of phone mounts. The two walls on the sides can be adjusted to suit your phone width. With the rubber line, scratches are well prevented.

Quality aluminum construction 
No scratches
No vibrations 
Easy to mount 
360 degrees rotation
It doesn't swivel

#4 IPOW Metal Bike and Motorcycle Cellphone Mount


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 

If you are looking for an affordable metal mount, the IPOW bike and motorcycle phone mount is perfect for your motorcycle’s handlebar. It comes with a universal phone mounting and can fit any phone that is about 3.5 inches in width.

The mount is made with many shock-absorbing shims to eliminate vibrations. No tool is required to fit the mount to the handlebar. 

Installation is tool-free 
360 degrees rotation 
Universal mount 
Metal construction
Only 12 months warranty

#5 Spritech Bike Phone Mount


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

Another pocket-friendly universal phone mount is the Spritech Bike Phone Mount. The phone mount is not only suitable for motorcycles and bikes but also for bicycles, treadmills, and golf carts. It holds your phone firmly in place that you would never worry about it falling.

Installation is super easy with the Allen wrench that comes with the package. There are four claws on the cradle for extra security for your phone. Use the tension knob to clamp the phone securely into the cradle. It is made from aluminum for incredible durability.

Rotates 360 degrees
Reduces vibration
Quick installation with Allen wrench
Durable and strong
Prevents scratches
No ball and socket for swivel adjustment


If you intend to go out for a ride and you don’t want to miss an important telephone call or leave your GPS device behind, a motorcycle phone mount is a must-have. But you don’t just pick it off the shelves if you want something durable. Here are the things you have to look out for before purchasing a motorcycle phone mount.

Features to look for while buying motorcycle phone mounts

  1. Cellphone compatibility – The very first thing to check for is the compatibility of your phone with the mount. It is only when your phone mount is compatible with your device that it will be useful to you. Some of the motorcycle phone mount models are universal. This means it can fit almost any phone. But it makes sense to look for a phone mount that is specifically made for your cellphone model. A mount that is made for your phone will fit well like a hand in glove.
  2. Grip and clamp – You would need a phone mount with the largest clamp to guarantee the safety of your phone while riding on the road. When you have a good clamp you are not afraid even if you run into rough terrain. You can run into bumps while you ride and the last thing you want to worry about is your device falling off because the grip is not strong enough. To avoid this kind of situation, choose a phone mount that has X-Grip and Finger Grip. These are tested and trusted grip types that put your mind at rest.
  3. Handlebar compatibility – It is not possible to install a motorcycle phone mount if it is not compatible with your motorcycle handlebar. Ensure that the diameter of the bike and that of the mount are the same to make them work without any issues. Motorcycle phone mounts come in different dimensions. The dimensions are clearly written on the product label.
  4. Ease of installation – A motorcycle phone mount that is complicated to install will waste a lot of time. Phone mounts are generally easy to install even without tools. You don’t have to go through a manual before installing a phone mount.
  5. Waterproof – The waterproof feature of a motorcycle phone mount is something that should interest any rider that is always on the road. The rain can start anytime without notice and when it starts pouring; your phone will be super protected.
  6. Durability – You don’t want a motorcycle phone mount that packs up after a while. You would want something durable and sturdy. Alloy, zinc, aluminum, and hard plastic are some of the materials used in producing a phone mount. Any of these materials will serve you well.
  7. Price - Price is always an important factor while choosing any product. Most of the phone mounts usually fall under the affordable category. For general purpose riding, a low-price with basic features phone mount will suffice your need however, if you’re called a ‘Biker’ or passionate about covering long-distances on a motorcycle then invest in a high-quality, advanced feature product to fulfill your need.

Some useful tips while using phone mounts on your motorcycle

  1. Always choose a phone mount that is suitable to fit the handlebars of your motorcycle. Make sure to check the compatibility of phone mounts before buying.
  2. The fitting of your phone mount should be in the appropriate direction on your motorcycle handles to avoid the mishandling and distraction through your journey.
  3. Go for a strong quality material phone mount that holds itself against the shocks, jerks, and jumps of bad roads or adventurous journey.
  4. For frequent travelers and who have busy schedules, installation and movement of phone mounts should be effortless. The phone mount should have easy installation and maximum rotational movement to give you all the convenience for multiple usages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why is a phone mount important for my bike? 

Answer: Your phone serves as a GPS device when traveling to places you have never been to before. Using a phone mount is a hand-free way to check your phone for direction.

  1. Can I mount my phone mount anywhere?

Answer: No. Your phone mount should be mounted where it does not obstruct your view

  1. Can my phone mount last for a long time?

Answer: Yes, phone mounts can last for many years as far as it is properly cared for according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Regular cleaning increases its aging.

Conclusion: Your mobile phone's companion

A mobile phone is your permanent companion in need and require proper protection and maintenance. It is also of the utmost importance that you remain safe and have a peaceful journey on your motorcycle along with your phone. The above scenario is un-avoidable and demands a piece of accessory that can cover you and your mobile phone on the road.

Phone mounts are therefore considered as one of the must-have items in every traveling list to have a peaceful and comfortable ride.


Hopefully, the above information is helpful in making you choose appropriate phone mounts. If you have any questions or doubts about the topic feel free to leave them below and I will come back to as soon as possible.

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  1. After reviewing the reviewed cell phone mounts, I actually think that the IPOW Metal Bike and Motorcycle Cellphone Mount will work the best for me and my budget. It also looks like it will hold my phone more securely than some of the other mounts. The year warranty does not bother me. I have been using a car mount and that has proven to be a bust! A busted phone that is! I will be further checking into the IPOW Metal Bike and Motorcycle Cellphone Mount and making sure it is right for me.

    • Hi Karin,

      Thank you for your comments and for sharing your opinion. IPOW is a great choice if you’re okay with only 12 months warranty.

      Have a happy and safe riding.


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