Best Motorcycle Locks (2021)

best motorcycle locks

If you ride your motorcycle for a long time, you must be conscious of its safety and security. The machine can be stolen and sold as a whole or cut into pieces and sold in parts. Whichever way, the reality is that you have lost your possession.  Another reality is that there is no 100% way to safeguard your motorcycle against theft but you can improve the security of your investment by using a motorcycle lock. In this review post, I will tell you about the best motorcycle locks.

There are locks with alarms and some are programmable. Making a choice can be difficult; this is why this article is written.

The benefits of having motorcycle locks

  • Avoids Theft: The visibility of the motorcycle with a lock is enough to avoid its theft. The effort of removing, or breaking the lock is time-consuming. It also attracts unnecessary attention to discourage the culprits from performing the theft.
  • Theft-protection: Locks are meant for theft-protection. Your motorcycle is a mean machine that has immense value in the automobile aftermarket. The metal and steel parts make it vulnerable to theft. Chain locks are very difficult to break and unlock which helps in preventing theft.
  • Theft-detection: Some of the locks are equipped with alarm functionality. In the event of your motorcycle getting stolen with the lock, such functionality triggers an alarm. It helps in detecting the theft and take timely action to catch thieves.
  • Helmet-protection: There are locks that are made to lock your helmets with the motorcycle. These locks ensure the security of your helmet. Your helmets are secured from the thieves providing you complete peace-of-mind.

5 Best Motorcycle Locks (2021)

We have chosen the 5 best motorcycle locks and here is a review of each of them with a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed choice.


#1 Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock

Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

If you intend to add an extra layer of security for your motorcycle or scooter, the Kryptonite Keeper Lock is highly recommended. This lock has a reminder cable to remind you that the machine is still locked.

It is ergonomically-designed to prevent bending or breaking that has two stainless steel keys. The lock perfectly fits most motorcycles that have disc brakes. It locks the disc brake to stop the mobility of the wheels. Waterproofing and durability is an added advantage. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Key safe program
  • Ergonomic and waterproof


  • May get stuck


#2 OnGuard Disk Lock

Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

The OnGuard disk lock comes with a hardened steel shackle to prevent jacking, prying, or cutting. It has a locking system that secures the shackle on four different sides for robust and unparallel protection. To prevent accidental ride-offs, the lock comes with a disc reminder.

The user-friendly lock provides an ultimate deterrent against motorcycle theft. It has four keys so there is always a replacement when a key is lost.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and light
  • Robust locking mechanism
  • Affordable and strong
  • Great quality


  • Not programmable


#3 Trimax T665LY Disc Lock

Product Rating: 4.2 / 5

Provide your motorcycle with the effective protection that it deserves with the Trimax T665LY. Made with hardened metal, this lock is resistant to cut, chisel attacks, and sawing. This lock provides high security to help deter criminals.

The handy carrying pouch is accessible even when you are on the go. With a reminder cable attached, you can never ride off when the lock is still in place. 


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and well made
  • Compact and reliable


  • May be difficult to unlock

#4 Helmetlok II Combination Lock

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

The Helmetlok carabiner-style lock is a four-digit programmable lock system that assists you to add an extra layer of security to keep your motorcycle safe and secure. This lock is made to lock your helmet to the motorcycle.

Constructed from aluminum and zinc alloy, the lock is designed tough enough to withstand the elements. This is an ideal lock for any bike because of its portability. It comes with plastic coatings that help to prevent the scratching of the bike’s paint.


  • Programmable locking system
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to set program digits


  • Can be broken

#5 Xena XX6 Disc Lock Alarm

Product Rating: 4 / 5

The Xena XX6 disk lock is an excellent way to protect your motorcycle or scooter from being stolen by thieves. It comes with a 6mm hardened steel pushdown locking pin to effectively lock it in place to keep your possession safe.

There are shock and motion sensors to trigger an alarm whenever there is an attempt to steal your machine. The 120 decibels alarm is powered by a lithium battery that is durable and long-lasting. The lock can be easily installed without any tools. All parts require frequent lubrication.


  • The alarm can be activated
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long-life battery
  • Sturdy construction


  • It is a bit pricey


Motorcycle locks come in different types, shapes, sizes, and technology. Choosing the best motorcycle locks can be a hard knock to crack. Before purchasing a lock, there are things you must consider. This is why we have drawn up this buyer’s guide so that you can make a durable and lasting choice. Here are the things to put into consideration before you pay for a motorcycle lock.

  1. Where the motorcycle is parked – Before purchasing a lock, you have to consider where the motorcycle is frequently parked. If it is mostly parked at home, you should consider going for a chain lock. Heavy chain locks are not easily broken with a cutting tool. It also makes the motorcycle difficult to lift into a waiting truck brought by a gang of criminals since it has been locked down to the ground. Use an alarm-triggering lock if you park it outside of the home.
  2. The material used in making the lock – What is the lock made of? This is another critical consideration when buying a lock. Is it made of metal or steel? Choose a lock made of either of these materials for durability and sturdiness.
  3. Make the lock visible – The motorcycle lock should be large enough to be visible to a thief. The visibility of the lock is a deterrent to criminals. If the lock is not visible, criminals will come close to the bike.
  4. Paint protection – Choose a lock that won’t scratch the paint on the motorcycle. If you are choosing a chain lock, ensure that the chain lock is protected all around by rubber so that the paint of the motorcycle can be intact.
  5. Waterproof – Since motorcycle locks are mostly used outside, you want to make sure you choose a lock that is waterproof and also dust-proof.
  6. Alarm decibels – If you are going for a motorcycle lock that triggers an alarm, you have to choose a lock that has a loud alarm so you can hear it from a distance. Select a lock with 120 decibels and above.
  7. Lock fit – How are you sure this lock will fit my bike? This is a pertinent question to ask before purchasing a lock. Locks come in different sizes. Always check for your bike’s size requirement before using a lock.
  8. Portability – While most locks are heavy-duty, you must also strike a balance. Choose a portable and lightweight lock for ease of use and storage. Alarm locks and handlebars disc locks are good examples of portable and lightweight motorcycle locks.
  9. Use the reminder cable – Choose a lock with a reminder cable. The reminder cable helps to remind you that the motorcycle is still locked to avoid riding off when the lock is still in place thereby causing injury to yourself and damaging the bike. If you opt for a disc brake lock, the reminder cable is an important accessory that must come with it.
  10. Warranty – Motorcycle locks are inexpensive. But there are expensive ones. No matter the type of lock you want to buy, ensure that it comes with a warranty of up to 6 months or one year so that you can return it if it is defective or broken within the warranty period.

How to use the motorcycle locks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How much does a motorcycle lock cost?

Answer: Motorcycle locks are not expensive. Depending on the brand, locks can cost from $15 to $100.

  1. Can my motorcycle seat be locked?

Answer: Yes, your motorcycle seat can be locked but it is easy to be smashed using a crowbar.

  1. What type of lock is suitable for my motorcycle?

Answer: There are different types of locks such as handlebar locks, U-shaped locks, brake disc locks, chain locks, and alarm locks. The size of your motorcycle determines the right lock.

Conclusion: Secure your motorcycle and valuables with motorcycle locks

Locks help in maintaining your motorcycle in its initial condition. It remains untouched and unharmed. Locks are also valuable in saving the time and effort that you have to spend on claims and insurance in the event of your motorcycle getting stolen.

There are many types, and options available in the above article for you to select a perfect lock for your motorcycle. These metal pieces are small in size but big enough to provide you much-needed relief and peace of mind in terms of motorcycle protection, and security.

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