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Driving in the night is a highly stressful task. You are constantly distracted by opposite sparks of high beam lights from heavy and light vehicles, indiscipline twists and turns from bikers and spotting of directions especially on highways that could be life-threatening.

Many of us just succumb to the idea of driving in the dark for the sake of their lives and prefer driving the vehicle in a favorable light. One of the best things to happen in such a situation is the emergence of night driving glasses. Night driving glasses are made of lenses with yellow tint and anti-reflective coating that helps in eliminating or reducing the overall effects of reflective lights or glare.

The Benefits Of Having Night Driving Glasses

  1. More Safety: Night driving glasses makes driving in the dark much safer because of their anti-reflection feature that helps in increasing visibility.
  2. Increases Visibility: Excessive flashes of headlights and darker environment may put more strain on your eyes causing visibility ailments. Night driving glasses protects your eyes through their specialized lenses.
  3. Low stress: Driving with glasses in the night doesn’t bother your mind about the low-light and other unsuitable weather conditions which in turn reduces the stress on mind and eyes.

Best Night Driving Glasses in 2020

We help you in choosing some of the best night driving glasses with the below list and review them honestly.

BEST (AutoSupplements Choice)

#1 Blupond Night Driving Glasses


Product Rating: 4.3 / 5 

Safety comes first when you have to drive down the streets at night hours. You must avoid everything that may cause injuries and casualties. The first products in this list of best night driving glasses for cars are the BLUPOND glasses. Being made from shatterproof lenses and metal frames, these are super comfortable and sturdy.

Their lightweight and semi-rimmed structure add on to the functionality and style of these glasses. Easy to wear BLUPOND night driving glasses have hinges that are spring-loaded; these provide enhanced shock-resistant ability.

Complete UV400 protection
Shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses
Full kit provided
Sizing runs a sized-down; an issue for most buyers

BETTER (AutoSupplements Recommend)

#2 Polarized Clip-on Anti-glare Driving Glasses


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

If you are trying to get your hands on one of the best night driving glasses for cars then your hunt ends here at Polarized Clip-on Sunglasses Anti-Glare Driving Glasses. People having exceptional fashion sense and love for sports will find these very attractive.

They are not only mere accessories; these glasses are designed specially to be assistive during the night hour driving. The polarized lenses can prevent glare and excess reflection, the lightweight of the frame makes it easier to be worn for hours. The lenses also enhance the color quality and clarity of the view.

Lasting and lightweight
Sporty design for men and women
Polarized lenses
Lenses are susceptible to breaking

#3 Soxick Night Driving Anti-glare HD Polarized Glasses


Product Rating: 3.9 / 5 

Getting good looks and comfort at inexpensive rates is no more difficult; you can rely on these anti-glare glasses by Soxick. These are one among the best night driving glasses for cars, crediting to their stylish looks and functionality. These are unisex glasses that provide optimum relaxation from eye fatigue and ease in night-time driving.

The frames have a slightly small size and are made from the aluminum-magnesium mixture for prolonged lastingness and light-weight. The materials used in the making of these glasses are certified on German Military standards. The glasses are also available in multiple colors; you can choose one of your preference.


Very durable
Quality shatter resistance design
Fitting runs a bit small


#4 Fiore HD Night Driving Glasses


Product Rating: 4 / 5 

An inexpensive option for all your budget and performance demands- Fiore HD Night Driving Glasses! It is a great substitute for all its high-priced counterparts and provides acceptable results. These glasses have more to it than meets the eye; they are practical, performing, and multi-purpose.

The lenses have a yellow tint to them making the driving experience less tiresome at nights. These keep the bright and harmful lights out making the vision clearer and glare-free. The sleek frame of these makes them one of the best night driving glasses for cars; they can be used for other tasks than driving as well.

Sleek structure and design
The frame needs to be strengthened

#5 Duco Night Vision Polarized Driving Glasses


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

One of the most professional and practical night vision glasses for making your driving great experience. With each opposite light hitting your eyes, they may lose their focus and make driving unsafe. But with these glasses, you will not have to worry about that. The best part of these glasses is its silicon nose pads making them fit your face properly.

The frame is very stylish and lenses scratch-resistant; you can get front and side protection of your eyes with these. The glasses are very inexpensive and utilitarian; making them the best night driving glasses for cars.

Provides protection from UV400,
TR90 frame,
Very lightweight and lasting,
Sporty look
 Delicate looking structure

#6 Soxick Night Polarized Glasses for Men and Women


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

You can stay trendy and safe if you wear these polarized glasses by Soxick. They are not expensive, very useful, helps you see clear, and are comfortable. These are an all-in-one solution for your doubt of which is the best night driving glasses for cars? If you don’t like its frame then you might want to take a look at its features.

The polarized lenses will help you see better during the night hours and their anti-reflective coating and UV400 protection make them great for daytime as well. The frame is made from a magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is created for lasting and clear vision.

Sturdy making 
Multi-purpose use 
Anti-reflective coating
Limited official sellers available

#7 YIMI Polarized Photochromic Driving z87 Sunglasses


Product Rating: 3.9 / 5 

If you wish to keep your style up while driving your cars at nights then YIMI polarized photochromic driving glasses are the best option for you! You will not only get a clear night view but also comfort. The glasses have a lightweight frame with a metallic glaze.

The specialty of these glasses is their non-polarized lenses that have a non-reflective coating; this can protect your eyes by filtering the direct lights from traffic. This enables you to have a clear, sharp, and refined view of the roads ahead. The lenses are also infused with a tint to absorb blue light and UV rays for reducing glare.

UV400 polarized lenses
Photochromic style
Lightweight and safe
Chances of breakage due to their frameless design

#8 Pro Acme Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses


Product Rating: 3.9 / 5 

Another affordable and modish option for the night street lovers can be the Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses by Pro Acme. The compact metal frame of these glasses is very comfortable and feels lightweight on the forehead. By getting these, you can end up saving money and get a clearer night vision.

The lenses for these glasses are made from plastic; this means that you get durability as well. These are the best night driving glasses for cars as they can effectively hinder the headlights. The glasses can be worn for longer periods and you still won't feel a headache or fatigue.

Durable and robust construction
Immune to shock
Few buyers have fitting issues

#9 Lumin Night Driving Glasses Sol


Product Rating: 3.8 / 5 

In the first view, everything might look all yellow, however, using Lumin Sol glasses while driving at night might keep the excess light out. The lenses have the ability to let the required light in and unblur the vision. The defined visibility through these glasses is worth commending.

The only problem faced while driving at nights is that the eyes get tired of focusing and adjusting, these glasses steer you clear of this problem. The frame of these glasses is durable & lightweight and lenses can help you see in fog, mist, and rain as well.

UVB and UVA shielding
Great performance under bad weather
The frame has a great fit
No carry case provided

#10 Night Vision View Square Rimless Glasses


Product Rating: 3.7 / 5 

Night Vision presents to you their best night driving glasses for cars- View Square Rimless Glasses. These glasses sport classy half-rim design that looks good on all who wear these. They have a sturdy metal frame with yellow polarized lenses; these help the wearer see better and clear while driving.

The lenses prevent refraction and glare of the lights, you can have a safe, uninterrupted, and proper ride. These are a popular choice among many; you must give these a shot if you want to look stylish yet composed then these are great options.

Cool design
Safe and structured
Polarized lenses
Glare proof
Not as effective with oncoming traffic
Adapting takes time


For the people who have sensitive eyesight, driving cars at night can be troublesome. However, getting yourself night driving glasses can be highly supportive. But, which one to choose? What are the ideal features? Is there a better substitute?

We will answer all your queries for finding the best night driving glasses for cars. Below are top aspects to be considered when buying a night-time driving glasses:

Features to look for while buying night driving glasses

  1. Polarized Lenses- If you are looking for ideal glasses for you and our style then one of the top priorities should be the polarization of lenses. When a person wears polarized lenses, they lower glare by blocking the horizontal light rays and permitting the vertical light rays to enter. Other than this, you will also have to make sure that the lenses you choose have the best polarization type.
  2. Lens Material- The lenses for night driving glasses are generally made from two materials- Polycarbonate and Tivex. Lenses made from Tivex are found in limited quantity however the driving experience is peerless. The tivex lenses are lighter and clearer than their polycarbonate replacements. SR-91 is the top quality tivex lenses; they are known to render the best aid and quality driving. On the contrary, the lenses made from polycarbonate material can be found easily and at inexpensive prices and still deliver quality and durability. These are great options for people who have a habit of dropping things or breaking them. Polycarbonate lenses are light-weight options for people who are looking for quality night driving glasses.
  3. Lens Tint- The common sunglasses are provided in a spectrum of tint shades; this affects their practicality. Although, this scenario differs in the case of night driving glasses. For making these glasses effective, the lens tint should be kept in only one color- yellow. Glasses with different shades have different reactions to light rays. During the night, using glasses with yellow-tinted lenses can promote anti-glare and clearer sight of the road. They can easily tackle blue and white lights. They keep you safe since you have better control over your driving while taking a quick trip to a grocery store or a long-distance road trip.
  4. Fitting and Sizing- This is the most important factor to be considered; you must wear and try these on physically. You should check its feel and fitting before committing to the decision of buying the particular glasses. The glasses should be comfortable to wear and lose enough to keep away headaches. The chosen glasses should fit your forehead properly, they should not slide or fall with quick movements neither should they cause concussions. Try and order glasses online that have a return-policy; once you receive your parcel, you can try these on yourself. Take a look in the mirror, wear them for a while then decide whether you can wear these out. If you don’t like the fit or size, you always have a chance to return the product. By this time you will have adequate experience of using these glasses; you can wear these while driving back home late night or take your loved ones for a safe long drive.

Some useful tips on improvement of night vision

Night driving glasses are one of the options to improve the visibility in the darkness but not a full-fledged solution to night blindness or blinding ailments. Apart from having the glasses, you need to work on a few points that make your driving job easier.

  1. If you already wear lenses through glasses, you don’t have to buy separate glasses for driving. Keep your eyeglasses prescription up to date and ask for lenses that come with an additional anti-reflective coating from your doctor.
  2. Make sure to clean the car windshield properly before starting the journey in the night. Keep the wipers in good and working condition that always comes handy in tough weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall, and fog.
  3. Night driving glasses are useless if your car headlights are dim and dirty. Make sure to clean them regularly from the inside and outside to enjoy clear visibility on the road.
  4. Your dashboard lights may become another hassle with your direct visibility on the road. Always reduce the dashboard lights to avoid the distraction.
  5. The opposite vehicles are not the only culprit, but the ones who are chasing you give more trouble through the rear-view mirrors. Almost all the rear-view mirrors come with night setting mode that helps reduce the flashes and glare of headlights.
  6. Avoid direct contact with opposite direction headlights for the best experience. Your concentration should be to look straight on the road and follow the markings/division to avoid any mishap.
  7. The best part of night driving is to drive at low speed. This way you can always remain in control while driving and limit the damage to a minimum in case of any accidents.

Note: Basis the medical tips and research, night driving glasses especially the yellow tinted ones may not be a complete solution to your driving woes. In fact, many doctors suggest wearing glasses with anti-reflective coating that are best to prevent the reflection of lights entering your lenses.

Conclusion: Do night driving glasses really work?

In bits and pieces. According to the experts, night driving glasses are a temporary solution to reduce the glares from the opposite direction which is the main reason to buy these products. At the same time, the yellow tinted lenses were found to reduce the detection of pedestrians or animals that are the biggest receptors of road accidents in such scenarios.

Even with the flaws, it is recommended to have night driving glasses with anti-reflective coating that is the best solution to improve visibility in the night and ease the driving condition. As it is rightly said, precaution is always better than cure, night driving glasses may not protect you entirely from the driving hazards but will definitely help in detecting and reducing the impact to the minimum.


I hope the above information is helpful in making you choose the best night driving glasses. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. I’ve never actually heard of night driving glasses, even though, looking at your images, I think my father had a pair of them when I was young. They would be great for me, as I hate driving at night with all the strange movements of light.

    I wear proscription lenses, so the polarized clip-ons would be my only option here. But the image you have makes them look like sunglasses. Do these lenses make things darker at all? I would think that would be quite unhelpful when it comes to driving at night, espeically on rural roads.

    Next time I get glasses, I will ask about antireflective lenses and see if they help, too.

    • Hi Shanna,

      The glasses with the yellow tint are helpful in reducing the glares from other vehicles but it also has some disadvantages.

      If you are already on lenses, the best option is to consult your expert and include the anti-reflective coating on your lenses that will give you great relief from overall distraction and make the driving easier.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hey nice article you have there, it is indeed educative. It is statistically proven that most accident on roads tends to occur at night, using  Anti-Glare Driving Glasses will be of great importance to me b because my job always have me driving at night, but sometimes distracted by lights coming from other vehicles. This glass will definitely save my eyes some trouble and allow me to drive peacefully without any form of distraction.

    • Hey Edah,

      An unimaginable incident is always waiting to happen because of the poor visibility in the night while driving. 

      It is better recommended to have at least focusing clarity through these specially designed glasses that may reduce the overall impact of any unimaginable incident.

      Thanks for your interest and comment.


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