Best Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents (2021)

Best Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents
Best Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents

Are you planning to go camping outdoors? If the answer is yes, then, you need a truck bed tent. With a truck bed tent, you can have a comfortable sleep at any campsite. There is no longer need to sleep on the bare floor of your truck. The use of the truck bed tent is gradually growing for camping enthusiasts. It keeps you warm and dry anytime it starts to rain outside. These tents are super easy to set up too. In this article, we will tell you about the best pickup truck bed camping tents.

The benefits of having truck bed camping tents

  • Peaceful camping: If you own a truck then it is easier for you to plan a camping trip along with bed tents. The bed tents are useful in giving you almost all the comfort of sleeping at home and enjoy your camping for a longer time.
  • Weather-protection: Having a bed tent in your truck or SUV will certainly save you from the sun’s heat, cold, and rain because of their covered protection and comfort. This way you can plan your camping journey in any season without getting worried about the weather.
  • Multiple destinations: The bed tents are designed to be carried along with their easy installation setup that hardly takes any time. You get the advantage of traveling to multiple camping destinations with the same bed tents in a single trip making your journey memorable.
  • Additional storage: Many bed tents come equipped with additional storage capacity in the form of pockets. You can easily store your small valuables and important documents using these storage pockets.

5 Best Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents (2021)

When choosing the best truck bed tent, you must consider the quality, durability and reliability of the product. We know it may be difficult to make a choice. That’s why we have chosen the 5 best pickup truck bed camping tents for your informed choice. Read on as we make a review of each of the products with a buyer’s guide.


#1 Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Product Rating: 4.7 / 5

You can set up your camp anywhere your truck can take you with the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent. This tent has got you covered whether you are going on an off-road adventure, tailgating, or fishing. Outdoor truck driving enthusiasts are in love with this tent because it is lightweight, sturdy, and compact.

The full rainfly along with additional storm flaps is enough to provide ultimate weather protection. The unique design blends with your truck’s overall appearance bringing style and comfort to bear. Installation is a breeze and can be done in less than 10 minutes.


  • Sleeps two people comfortably
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Provides enough headroom
  • Made with a built-in floor


  • Expensive


#2 Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

If you are planning to have a comfortable and memorable sleep outdoors, we recommend the Sportz Avalanche tent made by Napier. It is not only comfortable but also durable. Setup is extremely easy in just 10 minutes. It comes with features such as two interior pockets, a carrying bag, and a gear loft.

It also comes with shock-coded fiberglass poles for easy and quick setup. Other features include a large access door, a roomy tent for two persons, and two small windows. When it comes to construction, the tent is made from polyester and nylon taffeta for durability and sturdiness.


  • Ease of setup with air mattress
  • Two windows provide optimum ventilation
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Prevents the entrance of water


  • Specifically made for Chevy Avalanche


#3 Rightline Gear Truck Tents

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

Turn any site into a campsite with the Rightline Gear Truck Tents. It comes with buckles and protective straps so the finish of the truck won’t be damaged. The floorless design makes it super easy to remove and you can set up the tent without the removal of the gear from the bed.

The design also stops the entrance of grime and dirt that may have been trapped on the truck bed. This tent has color-taped dome poles to match different pole pockets thereby eliminating guesswork during installation. The tent will make a great addition to your truck.


  • Provides excellent ventilation
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Roof material is made from breathable polyester
  • Comes with heavy-duty straps


  • Has just 1-year warranty

#4 Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

There is no doubt Napier produces top-quality truck bed tents. This tent is not an exception. The tent provides a wide rear access panel for quick access to your truck’s bed. It comes with two mesh windows for excellent ventilation on both sides. There is also a carrying bag for easy storage of the tent. With the strap protectors, there is added protection for the tent.

For a hassle-free installation, the poles come color-coded. Assembly is in less than 10 minutes. The tent is available in both blue and grey colors. It is comfortable for two persons. This truck tent guarantees some great shade and shelter whether in the rainy or hot season. 


  • Unparallel ventilation
  • Comes with strap protectors
  • Quick installation
  • Spacious interior
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Expensive

#5 Hasika Waterproof Truck Bed Tent

Product Rating: 4.2 / 5

Make your sleeping arrangements pretty fast with the Hasika Truck Tent. It can take three people comfortably. The double-layered waterproof tent is sewn to the floor. Made from polyester material, the tent provides easy entry and exit to the truck bed. It comes with a wide entrance door to improve ventilation.

This tent is meant for truck beds of 5.5 to 5.8 feet. The frame material is constructed from steel alongside fiberglass to weigh just 11.4 pounds. The complete package includes a carrying bag, reflection ropes, iron poles, fiberglass poles, and a user guide.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Unfettered ventilation
  • The awning offers exceptional shade
  • Stress-free installation
  • Easy assemble with the user guide


  • A bit pricey
  • Fibreglass poles may break


Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents
Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tents

Buying a truck bed tent is not the same as buying any other truck accessories. If you don’t want to purchase a defective tent, you must take time to do some research to make a durable and lasting buy. There are a few considerations you must have at the back of your mind before purchasing a truck bed tent. These are what you must consider.

  1. Points of ventilation – Good ventilation is a critical consideration when choosing a tent. Without good ventilation, sleeping in a truck bed tent will be uncomfortable. Truck bed tents come with one or two ventilation systems. It could either be window ventilation or air ventilation or both. It is better to choose a tent with two ventilation systems for unfettered airflow.
  2. Strapping – Truck bed tents come with strapping to firmly secure the tent in place to prevent it from being blown off. The strapping may be different depending on the type of tent you purchase but you must ensure you check the user guide to understand how the strapping should be done to perfectly secure the tent in place. Look for straps that are coated to avoid damaging the paintwork of the truck.
  3. Installation –The installation of a truck bed tent should be hassle-free and can be completed within 30 minutes. Though, wind can make the installation difficult but to make it simple and easy, ensure you look out for tents with color-coded poles and pole pockets to make installation faster.
  4. Size – Before purchasing a truck bed tent, it makes sense to measure your truck bed to avoid buying an oversized tent. Measure the length and width of the truck bed to help you have a compact and secure installation. In the absence of this, you can go for a universal truck bed tent that fits most trucks.
  5. Poles – Truck bed tents come with poles. Ensure you choose aluminum poles instead of fiberglass poles. Aluminum poles have got low weight and have a lot of strength. Fiberglass poles are lightweight but are not able to withstand the turbulence of the wind.
  6. Built-in floor – Most truck bed tents have built-in floors. Avoid a tent without a built-in floor. Built-in floor tents won’t require you to sweep the truck bed before installation. Protection from the elements is another advantage of a built-in floor tent. 
  7. Storage pockets – Look for tents with storage pockets. These pockets are ideal for the storage of items such as mobile phones and wallets.

How to install pickup truck bed camping tents

About Truck Bed Tents

  1. Conventionally, truck bed tents are basically designed to accommodate 2-3 persons, and some of the bed tents are manufactured keeping certain truck brands in mind to meet their specific dimensions. It is recommended to research and buy the bed tents that are designed for your truck, SUV model to avoid the installation hassle and fitting.
  2. The material used to make bed tents for trucks should be compliant with regulatory standards. Always check that the tent you are buying abide by the international and regional quality standards. The material used should be fire-resistant and has weather protection capability in some cases.
  3. While making a purchase for truck bed tents it is advisable to consider certain brands that are providing quality service in this category. Napier’s Sportz who is a pioneer of bed tents and Rightline Gear has valuable experience in manufacturing sturdy and durable products that are worth value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the cost of a truck bed tent?

Answer: Depending on the material, a tent can cost between $200 and $1000.

  1. Are all tents made of polyester?

Answer: No, not all tents are made of polyester. Some are made from canvas.

  1. Can I drive my truck with a tent?

Answer: Yes, you can if you are moving from one point to another within the camp location. Aside from this, you cannot drive your truck with a tent for a long journey.

Conclusion: Get the home-like feeling with truck bed tents

A bed tent is a must-have item for truck, SUV owners. The main purpose of having bed tents is to enjoy camping with home-like comfort and sleep. They are instrumental in making your trip memorable with their specific features for sleeping, storing, and camping.

Having bed tents also allows you to plan your trip for multiple destinations without removing the tent from your truck for a short distance. It becomes easier to plan your camping holidays without worrying about the accommodation and costs by having bed tents for your truck.

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