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This question has been asked over and over again: why is the truck bed prone to damage? The answer is simple. It is because the truck bed is used to frequently haul cargo thereby causing dents or damage to it. One way to prevent this is to make use of a bed liner. A bed liner effectively protects the truck bed from suffering any dents.

The Benefits Of Having Truck Bed Liners

  • Damage resistance: Truck bed liners are helpful in reducing the damage caused by dents, and scratches to the truck bed. Bed liners are designed to retain the initial appearance of a truck bed that may get affected by the load movement, and shuffling of objects.
  • Weather-protection: Another advantage of having a bed liner is protection from the weather. Regular impact of rain and heat may lead to corrosion, and rusting of the truck bed that can be saved by using the bed liner.
  • Cargo maintenance: Overloading or carrying heavy objects tend to dislocate and spill the luggage out of control. Bed liners are helpful in maintaining your cargo from sliding, falling, or shuffling around providing instant protection to your truck bed.
  • Truck bed maintenance: Truck beds are prone to early aging with constant up and down of luggage, suffer scratches, dents, and other damages from the weather. Having a bed liner protects your truck bed from all the above impacts and helps in extending the life of your truck bed.
  • Cost-saving: You may have to incur regular expenses on the maintenance of your truck bed because of continuous loading and movement of luggage. Bed liner provides you complete peace of mind and saves lots of repairing costs keeping your truck bed protected and safe.
  • Resale value: A bed liner is also helpful in increasing the resale value of your truck. Appropriate fitting and shape of bed liner enhance the looks and appearance of your truck rear that becomes instrumental in a higher valuation of your truck price.

Best Truck Bed Liner Reviews in 2020

There are different types of bed liners in the market such as spray-on bed liners, roll-on liners, and rug bed liners. But making a choice is not as easy as you think. You don’t have to worry because we have got you covered. After 72-hour research, we have chosen the 5 best truck bed liners based on durability, toughness, and performance.

Read on to make a good choice.


#1 BedRug Full Bed Liner BRC07SBK


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

If you handle heavy cargo regularly, you will need an extremely rugged bed liner. The BedRug Full Bed Liner perfectly fits this description. It has an anti-skid surface that stops your cargo from shifting from side to side. This bed liner is UV-resistant. It is anti-stain and chemical.

There is no discomfort if you kneel on it making it knee-friendly and also pet-friendly. The bed liner does not suck up water. Made from tough polypropylene, the bed liner is perfect for exterior use. This bed liner can withstand the harshest of conditions. It is ideal for Silverado and Sierra.

Waterproof and tough
Resistant to stains and chemicals
Prevents the gathering of debris
Easy to clean up with hose or vacuum
Installation is a bit cumbersome


#2 U-POL Tintable Truck Bed Liner Spray Coating


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 

This is a spray-on truck bed liner that provides unparalleled protection for your truck bed. If your concern is color, this base can be tinted to your desired color. The spray coating is a 2-part urethane system that gives you exception paint finish. This solution holds up well against abrasion, rust, stains, corrosion, and harsh weather situations.

It comes with a spray gun to give you an amazing spray that is consistent and well textured. The gun requires you to use an air compressor with it. If you don’t have a compressor, a brush or roller is enough. This truck bed liner has an excellent cargo-holding quality.

Easy to use and apply
Able to resist stains, rust, and corrosion
Durable and long-lasting
Impressive performance
Tintable bed liner
A bit pricey


#3 BedRug Full Bed Liner BRT09CCK


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

There are no compromises with the BedRug Full Bed Liner BRT09CCK. It has a great custom fit for truck beds. It makes a perfect fit for your truck. The installation is painless without requiring any drilling or bed modification. This bed liner has unmatched durability.

Made from a polypropylene construction, it is resistant to chemicals and bleach. It is easy to clean. The bed liner is compatible with tonneau cover for maximum protection and functionality.

No drill, easy installation
Resistant to UV, chemicals, and bleach
Excellent durability
No skidding
Easy to clean
Installation requires some effort

#4 Penda 63012SRZX 5-inch 6-feet Bed Liner for Ford F-150


Product Rating: 4 / 5 

The Penda Bed Liner provides your truck bed with double protection making it better than the average bed liners. Its bottom is skid-resistant which eliminates the skidding of the bed liner when hauling cargo. The installation is quick and requires no drill to fit your truck bed. This is a one-person installation.

It comes with amazing versatility especially if you desire to mount a tonneau cover or truck cap. There are the vertical board holders that separate the load to offer increased protection. It is intuitively designed to minimize scrapes and dents.

Durable and sturdy
No-drill installation
Skid-resistant when loaded with cargo
Provides double protection
Versatile and well made
Comes without tailgate liner

#5 BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

This is a customizable bed liner that can fit any bed truck since it can be cut to size. It is designed for easy installation. There is no drilling required for installation. The bed liner is resistant to chemicals and stains. It easily repels water making it waterproof. Made from 100% polypropylene, this bed liner is slip and skid-resistant.

This rugged and tough bed liner can withstand anything thrown at it. This product is well cushioned to adequately protect your cargo. It is knee-friendly thereby providing superior comfort.

Comfortable for the knees
Resistant to slip and skid
Waterproof and perfect for exterior use
Easily customizable
Does not absorb water
It is expensive


Truck beds are very susceptible to damage and dents. This is why a bed liner is important to protect the bed liner from scratches, chipping, and other types of dents. Before you choose a truck bed liner, there are a few considerations to look at. Here are some of them.

Features to look for while buying Truck Bed Liners

  1. Purpose – Truck bed liners are bought for different purposes. What is your purpose in wanting a bed liner? This is a question you must try to answer. The type of bed liner you buy will depend on whether you intend to use it for small jobs or heavy-duty cargo movement. If your reason is for lightweight work, it is recommended you go for a spray-on bed liner but if you handle heavy cargo, it makes sense to go for a drop-in bed liner. The drop-in bed liner adequately prevents scratches and dents.
  2. Hassle-free installation – All bed liners are not installed the same way. Some are pretty easy to install while others require a lot of effort. This is something you must understand before making a purchase. Rubber liners or drop-in liners are easier to install than other types of bed liners. They are also flexible. For spray-on and roll-on bed liners, their installation is permanent. You will need simple tools like a brush, roller, or air compressor to get the job done.
  3. Texture – Bed liners have different textures. The ideal bed liner is the one that suits the work the truck is used for. For instance, a rubbery bed liner provides more friction than the other types of bed liners. This is important if you haul heavy-duty cargo that is prone to skidding off. On the other hand, if you have cargo that you just slide into the truck bed, then, it is not bad to have a slippery surface. This can be achieved by choosing a roll-on bed liner.
  4. The present condition of the truck bed – What is the present condition of the truck bed? The type of bed liner you choose will depend on this question. If the truck is new or the truck bed is in good condition, then, any type of bed liner will be suitable. But if the truck bed is old, you will need a durable and heavy bed liner made of rubber.

Types of Truck bed liners

  1. Spray-on bed liners: Spray-on bed liners are most preferred and considered as a better option as a protection to your truck bed. With their special substance that can be applied as sealing between the truck bed and other damaging particles arising from weather, dirt, sand, rust, corrosion, etc. the spray-on liner is very effective and has a long-lasting impact.
  2. Drop-in bed liners: Drop-in bed liners are plastic sheets that require physical intervention to place onto your truck bed. They have to be manually bolted for proper placement and fitting to provide effective protection. One of the drawbacks of drop-in liners is the gaps that occur between the edges because of the manual installation. This may cause re-installation and damage to your bed liner in the long run. However, they are best used for their low-price category.
  3. Miscellaneous bed liners: Some of the other bed liners are available in carpet, rubber, wood, and other materials that have limited usage and effectiveness and provide an interim solution to your truck bed woes.

How to install truck bed liner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer: The drying time is between 3 to 5 hours

Answer: It can cost between $100 to $250

Answer: Always check it every day. If there is a scratch or dent anywhere, just spray the affected area.

Conclusion: Improve the appearance and capability of your truck bed with bed liners

Bed liners are very effective and important in maintaining your truck bed and improve its performance and appearance. They are useful in controlling the cargo and provide immense value to your truck bed increasing its usage capacity and avoid early aging.

Bed liners are also useful in the beautification of the truck beds, save lots of repairing cost and enhance the resale value of your truck.



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  1. When you own a truck it is definitely in your interest to ensure you get some protection for the truck bed. You need to protect the truck bed as one day you may need to resell the truck. A truck with the bed liner obviously fetches a higher price. I personally prefer the spray on uerthane liner as it sticks to the bed permanently. You rightly point out it is a bit pricey but i think its worth it in the long run. Thanks for this review.


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