Best Truck Mud Flaps in 2020



There are no perfect roads anywhere. Some of the impediments on the roads include mud, salt, rocks, dust, tar, and motor oil. All of these can damage the interior and paintwork of your truck. Rocks, for instance, can damage or crack the windscreen of the following vehicle while mud can cause corrosion to the truck’s body.

The way out is to install a truck mud flap. This helps to prevent a lot of possible damage and dents on your truck.

The Benefits Of Having Truck Mud Flaps

  • Vehicle protection: Mud flaps are helpful in protecting your vehicle from the damage caused by mud and other flying objects like stones or debris that may come in contact with automotive parts beneath the truck generated by rotating tires. The flexibility of rubber-made mud flaps stops the movement of mud and other objects from moving ahead and increases the durability of your vehicle parts.
  • Saving pedestrians: The walking pedestrians on the road are most vulnerable to the impact of getting hit by the flying objects. With mud flaps covering your wheels, you don’t have to worry about any of these road obstacles and drive with complete peace-of-mind.
  • Save other vehicles: If you hit a roadblock covered with mud, your vehicle tires will possibly start throwing mud in the air distracting other drivers. The impact may lead to severe damage and cause accidents because of poor visibility. Mudflaps are therefore required to avoid such a situation arising on bad roads.
  • Fuel-efficiency: Modernization of mud flaps in the form of aerodynamic shapes are helpful in providing fuel-efficiency for your vehicle. These types of mud flaps are equipped with louvers to improve the air-flow, reduce side spray, and aerodynamic drag to save you lots of fuel.
  • Publicity: Mudflaps can also be used for advertisements. You can expand your business opportunities by having your company logo designed mud flaps or advertise other details. Along with the protection, they also help in completing the appearance of your vehicle with covered wheels that look more appealing.

Best Truck Mud Flaps in 2020

With a plethora of mud flaps out there, it can be a herculean task finding the right set for your truck’s model. You don’t have to worry. We have selected the very best based on quality, durability, and performance.

Read on as we review the 5 best truck mud flaps for your informed choice.


#1 Rock Tamers Mud Flaps


Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 

Adequately protect your investment with the Rock Tamers Mudflap System. These mud flaps can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for maximum coverage and precise fit. These are not your everyday mud flaps. They are designed to handle heavy-duty towing.

The mud flaps are the ultimate protection solution for truck owners who want to add style and elegance to the appearance of their trucks. Their durability is unparallel and they are corrosion resistant. They mitigate dents and damage by withstanding rocks and debris that may affect your truck. These mud flaps are perfect for different types of trucks.

No drill; easy installation
Extremely durable
Made from heavy-duty construction
Comes with a 1-year warranty
Provides a wide coverage for full protection
Very expensive


#2 Husky Liners Rubber Rear Mud Flaps


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 

The Husky Liners Mud Flaps stand out from the crowd. These mud flaps are made from thermoplastic material making them flexible, durable, and impact-resistant. They are made tough to resist anything thrown at them. The mud flaps can withstand harsh temperatures and excessive heat with no cracks.

They come in a universal design that can fit any truck. These mudguards are built for the wide coverage of your truck tires. The installation is effortless. Just a few screws and you are back on the road.

Easy installation
Able to withstand extreme temperatures
No cracking; no splitting
Rugged and impact-resistant
Durable and long-lasting
A bit pricey


#3 Buyers Products Polymer Semi-Truck Mud Flaps


Product Rating: 4.6 / 5 

Defend your truck and prevent expensive repairs with the Buyers Products Mud Flaps. These mudguards are made with sturdiness and durability in mind. They can withstand stress and impact due to their high level of flexibility. The mud flaps perfectly prevent rocks and road debris from causing harm to your vehicle.

They also prevent the buildup of snow and ice. This is a 2-piece mud flap. One side is smooth and the other is textured. There are no cut lines but can be trimmed to fit with a sharp knife.

Provides wide coverage
Stops snow and ice buildup
Durable and flexible
Installation is a breeze
Resists stress and impact
They have no cut lines

#4 Highland 1007300 Black Heavy-Duty Rubber Splash Guard


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

The Highland Rubber Splash Guard is durable and sturdy. They protect the vehicle against mud and small rocks. These mud flaps are heavy-duty making them long-lasting. For ease of installation, the mud flaps come with mounting hardware.

They have a great fit for different vehicles such as SUVs, RVs, pickups, vans, minivans, and light trucks. Measuring 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, the mudguard offers enough coverage. They offer a limited lifetime warranty which is great peace of mind for the users.

Constructed from heavy-duty rubber for maximum protection and style
Easy and no-drill installation
Can be trimmed to fit any vehicle
Flexible and affordable
Limited lifetime warranty
They are too thin

#5 Lund 930F-99 Mud Flaps


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

These mud flaps are model specific. They are suitable for Ford F-550, F-450, F-350, F-250, F-150, Sierra 1500, 2007-2013 Silverado, HD 3500 and HD 2500. These are heavy-duty rubber mud flaps. They help to reduce the damage rocks and debris can cause to your truck.

They come with stainless steel panels to give your truck a distinct look. The installation is hassle-free with mounting brackets and hardware. There are pre-drilled holes with custom fittings to give your vehicle a custom fit. They have a lifetime limited warranty.

Provides superior protection against debris and rocks
Quick and easy installation
Improves safety and performance
Durable and sturdy
Great value for money
A bit pricey


Choosing the right truck mud flaps is not something that must be done in a hurry. When purchasing these items, there are important considerations to look out for if you want value for money. Here are the factors to consider before purchasing a truck mud flaps.

Features To Look For While Buying Truck Mud Flaps

  1. Tire Size – The tire size of the vehicle is what determines your choice of mud flaps. These mud protectors work better if they cover a wide area of the tire. There are mud flaps that fit every tire size. You have to diligently look for them. The best truck mud flaps are the ones that offer wide coverage for your vehicle tires. Do not overlook this factor as doing so will amount to a waste of money and regrets.
  2. Material – What are the mud flaps made from? This is a question you must try to answer before purchasing mud flaps. Debris comes in different sizes. Some are heavy while others are light. The point is that you have to choose durable and long-lasting mud flaps that can withstand hard and soft debris and rocks. Mud Flaps are made with fiberglass, rubber, and plastic. Products made of any of these materials are resistant to corrosion and tear. But if one of the tires is too close the exhaust, it makes sense to go for mud flaps made from stainless steel. This helps to prevent melting which is usually the case with rubber or plastic mud flaps.
  3. Compatibility with fender flares – If your truck comes with fender flares; you have to look for a product that is compatible with the truck's fender flares. If you want to avoid headaches and stress, choose universal mud flaps. They have a perfect fit with most trucks. These types of mud flaps can be cut to fit with a sharp knife.
  4. Ease of installation – The installation of mud flaps should be straightforward. Most of them can be installed without drilling. Some require drilling. The mud flaps that require drilling will come with mounting brackets and hardware. The same applies to no-drill installation mud flaps. Whether it is no-drill or drill installation, ensure you choose a product with a complete kit for easy installation.
  5. Warranty – Don’t overlook the importance of a warranty. Look for a product that has at least a 1-year warranty. Some manufacturers have a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty protects you in case there is any damage done to the product within the warranty period.

How To Install Truck Mud Flaps

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Depending on the material, they can cost between $25 and $250.

Answer: Yes, but it is not a wise decision because driving without mud flaps can cause you costly repairs.

Answer: Mud Flaps are effective. They protect the vehicle and the driver. They fend off dirt, debris and rocks that could cause harm to your truck.

Conclusion: Mudflaps provide lots of protection to your truck and wheels

Mudflaps are very important in providing a number of benefits and protection to your vehicle. They are instrumental in increasing the lifetime of your vehicle parts, control the damage to other vehicles and passerby from the hurdles on the road, and also effective in saving you lots of fuel and repairing cost.

In some regions of the world, mud flaps are part of the regulatory requirement for trucks and cannot be ignored.



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