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Your car is like a second home to you if you don't like your home to be dirty then how could your car remain dirty? A clean car from inside and outside is a symbol of your personal character.

Do you enjoy eating in your car? Do you take your favorite pet with you during travel? Certainly, most of us do. While it's not your fault to perform the above activities naturally, what it does is, it messes the cleanliness of your vehicle.
While eating, you or your kids will definitely spill some part of the food or a piece of dirty napkin on the front or back seat floor. Your pet, though obedient would like to leave its hair on beautiful car seats naturally. And in today’s busy schedule you won’t like to do that couple of hours cleaning job for your car which used to be a weekly routine.

Cleaning can be easy and a few minutes work if you possess a vacuum cleaner for your vehicle. Be ready to conquer crumbs, dirt, or any other distraction on your car’s floor by getting access to a portable, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

The Benefits Of Having Vacuum Cleaner

  • Clean car: For obvious reasons, you will buy a vacuum cleaner to clean your car interiors that can easily such all types of dirt, dust, grime, food items, etc.
  • Save effort: Vacuum cleaners are easy to use. A simple plugging and maneuvering with the instrument can clean your car in minutes saving lots of time and effort.
  • Efficient: Vacuum cleaners are powerful enough to suck out every inch of minute particles giving you perfect cleaning compared to manual dusting, and washing.
  • Cost-saving: You will definitely spend more on the cost of cleaning your car at service centers or professional car cleaners for repeated instances. Vacuum cleaner provides you relief from repeated spending and saving a good amount of money with the desired service.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Car in 2020

Let's see some of the best vacuum cleaners for your car in 2020.

BEST (AutoSupplements Choice)

#1 Armor All


Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 

This Armor-All Utility Vac is designed to wash a car from inside. It includes all accessories necessary for cleaning and manages both dry and wet pickup and converts to various automobile grills and wheels. Additionally, it comes with an air and noise diffuser and an automatic shut off to avoid overflow for efficient and silent operation.

The Utility Wet/Dry Vacs of Armor-All have the power both liquids and solids, offering infinite uses. It has a polypropylene tank of the 2.5-gallon capacity size that is large and small enough for some occupations and to carry around. A two horsepower engine offers ample suction ability, in addition to a straightforward conversion to some blower functionality. Limitation fills and prevents overflow.

Grip and onboard storage attachment make for simple carrying. Additionally, it has some fantastic options that include a 10-foot strand with wrap, lengthy 6 foot, and 1.25-inch hose, reusable foam and cloth filter, 2-In-1 utility nozzle that is deluxe vehicle and blower, a crevice tool, and a brush sheet which doesn’t require any assembling
It’s a versatile vac with a number of accessories and the capability to work on various types of vehicles.

Lengthy cord
Multiple accessories
May not be carried along

BETTER (AutoSupplements Recommend)

#2 Black+Decker


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

The decker BDH1200FVAV 12V Flexi automobile vac includes the patented 'engine from the filter' technology makes it possible for the hand-vac to be Ultra-Compact.
It supplies a crevice tool for tight spaces like in and under. The brush that is tender and the crevice are in 1 tool for simplicity of usage. This Vac has functionality as a hand-vac or so the handle may be removed to get hard to reach areas it could be applied.

Dirt spins away from the filter and wheel cleaning for hands-free, it’s easy to clean this filter. Additionally, it offers a dust bowl that lets you understand when to drain the hand's vac, and also alongside empty doorway isn't hard to drain the dirt.
The 12V adapter fits a cigarette lighter socket, before keeping it off and also a 16-feet cable lets you reach every area of one's car, for example, the boot cable and also will be wrapped. It also includes hose that is incorporated with two in one nozzle tool and crevice tool.
A worldwide reputed and trusted brand offers complete cleaning of your vehicle with peace of mind.

No storage for tools

#3 Liberrway


Product Rating: 4 / 5 

With 5.0Kpa suction and additional 1.5X vacuum suction, it is one of the most useful and ideal tools to wash out the dust, sand, cig ash, crumbs, pet hair, and water. It includes 3 accessories to wash your vehicle or truck. The Brush can be useful for cleaning up the carpet/cushion/air conditioner socket.

The Extension Hose can be employed for linking to wash out the corners. The Nozzle is employed for cleaning up the gap and lean. Professional aluminum metal buff does not merely do vacuum for dry garbage, but in addition may vacuum something wet, such as water. The aluminum metal enthusiast will enjoy a helping hand into a vacuum’s suction.
Comes with a 14ft long cord, which may clean anywhere in your vehicle, stainless steel filter is compared to 0.3 microns. It has two layers of filter to get dust selection that is exemplary.

Have peace of mind with Liberrway vacuum that has an international certification from FCC, CE, and RoHS that enables your kids and pets like playing in the auto.

Some fragile plastics


#4 ThisWorx


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

This vacuum cleaner for most cars is designed to fulfill a variety of cleaning demands. Together side your handheld automobile hoover, it includes a carry tote to conveniently save and take along everything you desire, and also an extra HEPA-filter.
The vacuum cleaner includes a lid and a garbage container which shuts off out, to prevent the garbage. And since the garbage container is more transparent it enables you to understand when it is complete, perfect for both dry and wet dirt.

The vehicle vacuum's strong 106w engine and robust metallic telescope render nothing supporting and it easily reaches each area using all the 16ft long power cable, elastic nozzle, and hose place.
Whether you're having trouble removing the foodstuff which dropped in between your seats or you're a passenger carrier motorist that has to maintain the car tidy for passengers, ThisWorx mobile vacuum hoover is right for you personally! ThisWorx understands most the dirt from adventures and messes effortlessly and quickly saving money and time.

Deep cleaning
Powerful cord
Conjusted carry case

#5 Hotor


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

You would like the power to clean up a vehicle with this HOTOR vacuum cleaner.
This is a user-friendly vacuum that comes with a bright LED lighting to ensure that you are able to clean your car in daylight as well as darkness.

The stainless steel HEPA-filter by the top tech of HOTOR is durable and watertight and you can find yourself a replacement life. The dust cup head is also fantastic for quick and effortless trash and you're ready straight away to keep the remainder of one's cleaning.
This vacuum cleaner is designed to match most cars with your car-cleaning demands. Take along and your purchase comes to conveniently save.

Elegant design
Innovative product
LED light
A bit expensive

#6 Baronage


Product Rating: 4 / 5 

Baronage power car vacuum cleaner includes suction that may suck a variety of dirt, save money, your time, and effort. There is a 16.4 feet power cable extended enough for one to make it to your car's back. The automobile car vac is not difficult to use plus in addition, it includes a carrying bag you could set all the accessories.
For suction, it adopts the HEPA-filter system which has usage and rapid clean up design. It's equipped to lift crumbs, hair, leaves, dust, and so forth. You can achieve the cleaning of every corner with a cord that is very long.

Constructed by Baronage engine, the suction is often easy as strong as 4500-5000Pa and fast to get a variety of dust dirt, and pet hair in your auto.
Convenient for vehicle cleaning supports dry and wet dual-use together with carrying tote and you're able to make it, save your pocket and time. It comes with accessories that are helpful in getting anywhere you want and does the cleaning for small cars, SUV's and commercial vehicles as per your expectation.

Easy to clean
Lacks high powered suction

#7 Banaton


Product Rating: 4.2 / 5 

This Auto Vacuum includes an attachment for all. Brush, long soft tube, and long mouth can help you along with your automobile cleaning more efficiently. 16.4FT cord is long enough acceptable for vehicles including SUVs, minivans, or hatchbacks. The LED lamp makes it possible to wash the places that are shadowed efficiently in dark.
The vacuum includes a see-through, also a lid and dust bin. You could find the crap capacity after the vacuum is working. If the dust bin is full the lid will close. This automobile vacuum is both convenient and light and comes with a one-year warranty.

The car's suction engine which may be utilized both dry and wet provides vacuum cleaner power. The automobile vacuum can quickly absorb dust, pet, sand, gravel, food residue, water, debris concealed in pillow or couch.
Vacuuming your vehicle has never been easier and the manufacturer offers devoted customer support and sustains a 100% customer satisfaction warranty.

LED light
Easy to use
Lacks heavy suction

#8 Lozayi


Product Rating: 3.6 / 5 

LOZAYI, 100W motor vacuum is designed for the vehicle that could possibly get results to conserve you personally money and some time. Sucks furry hair, dust water, and so forth under 75 decibels low sound level. Corded power, the vacuum of the car can be used by you as long as you need, a fantastic partner.
A car hoover using cyclone technology that is 360 degree and metal HEPA-filter, create the atmosphere and dust differently without obstructing the mobile vacuum cleaner to get heavy. Purification of car, and discharge of atmosphere, produce an even pleasant journey.

Car cleaner reaches on every area with the 16.4feet long cord. Mobile handheld synthetic mechanics layout comes with a 300ML container that is split to provide excellent consumer experience to you.
The mobile hoover to the vehicle is built with 3 nozzles(pits, cracks( brushes) to match gamut cleaning requirements, Moreover, it includes a carry tote to handily save and provides friendly customer services.

Unique design
Powerful suction
Easy to use
A bit noisy

#9 MEG


Product Rating: 4.1 / 5 

MEG cordless rechargeable car vacuum cleaner is intended to supply you with the most useful provisions while cleaning an automobile or any other tiny place with an easy and simple approach.
Its strong suction powerful aluminum fan and deep cleaning will make you neglect the dustpan easily reach the dirt and tight places in your vehicle.

Cordless, lightweight & portable and multi-functional design high-performance lithium battery using capacity that is 2600mah, charge it in the home (2.5 hours) and it does continue to work for 20-24 mins. If while cleaning the vehicle, you go out of energy, then the product lets you join it by utilizing the cartridge without even quitting your own cleanup, charging cable.

Wet & Dry handheld vacuum cleaner using one aluminum fan to produce the cleaning. The greatest option for home and motor vehicles. It might be washed easily and remains fresh. The dust compartment is more transparent, which means while cleaning without assessing, that you may start to observe the dirt stack.
Clean your vehicle and tight corners with this handheld, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner efficiently and effortlessly.

Effortless cleaning
Easy to use
Lacks cleaning for long hours

#10 Jinpus


Product Rating: 3.8 / 5 

The powerful engine and metallic scooter of the JINPUS car vacuum leave nothing behind, 5000PA suction may suck a cellular phone. The HEPA filter is much significantly larger than stronger suction. You don't ever need to get the hands dirty whilst cleaning your own filter with the availability of a blue cleansing brush.
Three distinct accessories (Elastic hose, nozzle place ( and brush ) to accomplish every area of one's vehicle, fast and effortless clean up such as a specialist. Possess a 16.4feet Long cord to assist washing any hard-to-reach spot.

No stress about the matter of battery life when compared with this modular layout. You want a universal energy outlet adapter converter if you would like to make utilize of this as a vacuum for home use.
Powerful and easy to use, a 12-month replacement filter service is available with a possible cash refund.

Powerful suction
Low noise
Low durability


Deciding on the proper vacuum cleaner to the automobile has plenty to do with just how many times your vehicle is washed, how obsessively you're storing it, and also could possibly receiving it with each journey.
Whether it is simply a wash that’s required, it could be worth taking into consideration a few of the models that are apt to be milder and easier, whereas the ability of power supply means perhaps the wash has extended time than anticipated, it’s insignificant.

You will need to check the accessories it comes with such as, vacuum electricity, tank capability, basic and additional attachments, and it’s weight.
One of those matters, as it pertains, is that automobile owners inquire to vacuum cleaning the interior of their vehicle may be the kind of vacuum cleaner they want to use. You might not need the attachments necessarily to completely wash the surface and every corner of your vehicle while utilizing a vacuum cleaner for home-usage.
In addition, these typical drums like units may be bulky and don’t fit in your car’s storage to carry along with your journey.

Generally, that is the reason an Auto Hoover is designed specifically for use on vehicles. All these are powerful enough to suck out each and every debris or particles which is a result of your casual journey with kids and pets. These are equipped with HEPA-filter to help eliminate the suffocating atmosphere and other allergens pollutants.

Some of the factors to choose the convenient and useful vacuum cleaner for your vehicles,

Features to look for while buying vacuum cleaner for car

  1. Design- A well-built round and shape are of utmost importance for a vacuum to be able to reach in the tightest corners of the vehicle, though looks are of personal choice for each individual.
  2. Power- A minimum 120W or 4500-5000Pa power suction capability should be enough to absorb common dirt, crumbs, pet hairs, gravel, debris, etcetera which could be a day-to-day mess in your car.
  3. Length- If you are looking to buy a vacuum with cord, make sure it is long enough, at least 16 feet enabling you to cover maximum surface and corner inside the car and maybe even the trunk.
  4. Weight- An ideal weight for a portable and compact vacuum should be no more than 2kg or 2.5 pounds. A low weight unit can be easily carried throughout the cleaning and storage.
  5. Accessories- Apart from the necessary attachments such as nozzles, filter, fuse, etcetera, make sure to at least have a brush to loosen the dirt and debris, a hose to access tough to reach corners and crevice tool (if supplemented by manufacturer) to cover the entire car space.
  6. Carry bag- A storage bag is always helpful to store the vacuum and it’s accessories securely, plus it allows you to carry it along easily in your journey if required.

Difference between a corded and cordless vacuum cleaner

It depends on a personal choice to choose between corded or cordless vacuum cleaners as the final outcome is almost the same.

Let’s see some of the benefits and deficits of corded and cordless vacuum cleaners for cars:

Corded Benefits:

  • Vacuum cleaners with cords are beneficial to be connected with DC or AC power source of your vehicle.
  • Certainly one of the important features of a car vacuum is corded cleaners that really are the power which translates to the electrical socket of a vehicle into higher cleaning efficacy due to the shut-off.
  • Direct plugging enables deeper and more thorough cleaning saving lots of time.


Corded Deficits:

  • You will have to forfeit the advantage as a result of the limited access to power sources with the usage of the same strong apparatus.
  • Compared to cordless units, these may be a bit bulky and becomes inconvenient to carry along always.


Cordless Benefits:

  • So one of the simplest and best advantages of cordless vacuum cleaner is being ‘cordless’ which prevents your irritation in carrying a vac with long cords.
  • Being cordless gives you more flexibility, reach, and versatility in terms of cleaning your vehicle.
  • You can save on your vehicle's electrical power since these units can be charged separately and can do the job for a reasonable amount of time.


Cordless Deficits:

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner for cars generally provides less suction power compared to corded units.
  • The cordless vacuum cleaners require constant charging if you want to do a cleaning job for long hours.

How to use the vacuum cleaner in a car

  1. Your automobile vacuum is designed to pick up smaller items. As such it's critical to remove them before giving your automobile inside a vacuum cleaner or grab your garbage along with items that are larger.
  2. Assess your other car accessories which can be eliminated in order to reach every inch of the interior of your vehicle.
  3. Use the brush attachment to loosen the debris and dirt for effortless vacuuming.
  4. You can start vacuuming all the corners and surfaces such as floor plank, under the pedals, the dashboard, the upholstery, and everything that is covered in dirt or garbage.
  5. Utilize the hose attachment to get the maximum reach in tight corners.

There is no specific method to start cleaning your vehicle, it’s completely up to you to move inside the car with a point to ensure the whole car is totally free of debris and dirt. While performing the vacuuming ensure the doors and windows remain open throughout which may help dissipate stale scents and odors.

Note: Vacuums normally requires daily maintenance, so ensure to shut the machine before starting any maintenance and remove the rubbish from the dust box that may cause vacuum failures.

Conclusion: Are these vacuum cleaners for cars are any useful?

Unlike the exteriors, car interiors can’t be washed with water and soap. Cleaning car interiors isn’t a simple endeavor because of different areas that are hard as well as tight corners.
The vacuum cleaner units for the car are built to suck the dirt out on corner chairs, as well as other unreachable locations. Besides, they also improve the quality of air in the vehicle to shelter you from unwarranted health effects.

So, for sure you won’t like to miss out on a journey with your family, kids and pets, shell out some amount to buy these affordable, portable and useful vacuum cleaners to improve your car’s quality and environment.


I hope the above information is helpful in making you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your car. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Thank you for the article. We have been looking for a portable car vacuum cleaner as our older one broke. I like the feature and overall functionality of Meg. However, you mentioned that it does not work for long hours. What you do mean by that. Is it because it discharge quickly ? Our older vacuum cleaner was also like that and required charging very frequently. Do let me know. 

    • Hi Pranali,

      Meg vacuum cleaner can be used for home and car cleaning. You won’t face any issue while cleaning your vehicle since the charging can be utilized through additional cartridge but may not work for long hours while home cleaning.

      If you are looking for powerful and durable product in this category I suggest taking a look at Black+Decker vacuum cleaner.

      Thanks for your comments and happy cleaning.


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