What Is Lumbar Support In Car Seats? Best Lumbar Support For Car Seats 2021

What is Lumbar Support in Car Seats

Sitting in the car and driving a long distance every day can cause you back pain. Not only that, those who work on the desk for many hours can also suffer the same fate. If you are suffering from back pains due to prolonged sitting, I have good news for you. Using lumbar support for your vehicle seat or office seat can reduce the discomfort experienced from prolonged sitting. What is lumbar support in car seats? You will find out in this detailed review post. You will also find out the best lumbar support for car seats.

The best lumbar support for a car seat helps to properly align your spine and back. This reduces fatigue and pains in no time because lumbar support pillows make use of memory foam. Lumbar support helps you to maintain a healthy posture too.

The benefits of having lumbar support for car seats

  • Healthy Back: Your back is your health’s biggest enemy. You may not realize it but the fact is that 80% of our life is spent either sitting or standing putting lots of pressure on our back. Lumbar support becomes essential if you’re frequently traveling in your car to keep your back and your body healthy.
  • Reduces Neck Pain: Unnatural sitting posture for long hours puts a lot of stress on your neck. The lumbar support is designed to keep the natural S-shape in mind to match the curves of our back including the neck that is helpful in preventing neck pain.
  • Shock-absorber: The lumbar support cushion or car seat act as a shock absorber for your back. It helps in absorbing the shock incurred by the spine caused by our movement while driving. In medical terms, this is also called the balancing of spine curves that may get damaged in the long run without proper maintenance and support.
  • Stress-free driving: Ever thought about the number of times you straighten your back or massage your neck while driving. A short break may reduce the tiredness and fatigue for some time but keeps your mind under stress, enough to distract the driving. A lumbar support car seat is necessary to have a stress-free driving experience.

5 Best Lumbar Support for Car Seats (2021)

After spending the last 24 hours speaking with chiropractors and therapists, we have selected the 5 best lumbar support car seats for your informed choice.


#1 LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

Bid farewell to back pains caused by longtime sitting with the LoveHome lumbar support made from memory foam that never gets flat. The memory foam conforms to the shape and contours of your body to reduce the numbness of the back. Its ergonomic design helps to relieve both lower and mid-back pains.

It comes with two straps that can easily be adjusted so the cushion can stay in place when you use it on any sofa, office chair, car seat, wheelchair, etc. It has a breathable cover which helps to increase circulation to eliminate sweat and moisture.


  • Made with resilient memory foam
  • Comes two adjustable straps
  • Improves posture
  • Ergonomically-designed to relieve pain
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not suitable as a headrest


#2 Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5

Everlasting Comfort is known for making comfortable and great products. This lumbar support foam is no exception. The back pillow is made from 100% memory foam. Sensing body heat, the pillow can adjust to support you adequately. It is designed to have a contour fit for the curves at the back. The lumbar support relieves lower, upper, middle, and sciatica pains.

It also improves posture by effectively supporting the spinal areas. With the breathable mesh cover, you can remove the cover to wash it instead of washing the whole memory foam. There are two adjustable straps for a customized fit.


  • Made with orthopedic design in mind
  • Able to adjust to body heat
  • Relieves pain associated with arthritis
  • Provides excellent support
  • Two adjustable straps


  • A bit pricey


#3 Fortem Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

If you are looking for complete lumbar support for your back, the Fortem seat and lumbar support are highly recommended. It comes with a foam seat and back support to give you pain relief and comfort. The product is designed with 100% premium quality memory foam that prevents pressure on the back and improves posture.

It is covered with a 3D breathable mesh cover to make it easy to wash. Since it is ergonomically designed, the cushion foam can be placed anywhere using the straps. This lumbar support is lightweight and portable. There is a one-year warranty.


  • Comes with a carry handle
  • Easy to clean 
  • Provides maximum support
  • Works well on wheelchairs
  • Adjustable dual straps


  • Expensive 

#4 ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

ComfiLife has been providing a comfortable life for many years. The lumbar support pillow is designed to relieve back pain whether at home or office. This pillow also encourages posture support. The orthopedic design of the lumbar support helps you to achieve a natural curve for your lower spine.

It is made from 100% memory foam to provide you with long-lasting support. This foam is durable and portable. It is designed to serve you for many years. The breathable cover is easy to remove for cleaning. This product comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Ergonomically-designed for all-day support
  • Made with high-density memory foam
  • Adjustable strap to fit different chairs
  • Provides superior comfort
  • Breathable cover that is easy to clean


  • Too thick

#5 Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

Enjoy comfort anytime and anywhere with the Coccyx cushion and lumbar support pillow. The non-slip seat hugs your buttocks perfectly to relieve the tightness of the back and make you feel extremely comfortable. Also, the lumbar support hugs your back to keep your spine well-aligned.

It comes with elastic adjustable straps so you can fasten the lumbar support pillow whether at the home, office, in the car, or while traveling. There is a washable cover with an easy-to-remove zipper for quick washing. This product is ergonomically designed to relieve low back, lumbar, arthritis, sciatica, piriformis, hip, and backaches. No smells at all.


  • The breathable cover ensures air circulation
  • Alleviates pressure on the back and coccyx 
  • Made from 100% memory foam
  • The foam remains firm and never goes flat
  • It is machine-washable


  • Only available in black color


lumbar seat

Choosing the best lumbar support car seat is something you have to be meticulous about. Knowing what to look out for before purchasing a lumbar support pillow will help to get a quality product once and for all. So, this is why we have drawn up this buying guide to help you make a good choice. Here is what to consider before you pay for lumbar support.

  1. Material – Lumbar support cushions are made from high-quality memory foam. Some others are made from gel foam. Anything short of this means you are buying fake lumbar support foam. Also, ensure that the cover is made of breathable fabric to allow for air circulation. 
  2. Adjustable straps – Avoid lumbar supports that do not have straps. Straps help the cushion to stay in place. Without straps, the cushion will be unsteady and this can be frustrating.
  3. Lumbar support height – The height of the lumbar support is important. You are not just looking for something that supports your lumbar area alone, but also looking for a cushion that supports your back too. 
  4. Compatibility – The interiors of cars are not the same. The size and shape of some seats will vary. So, a lumbar support that fits an SUV may not be right for a car. The point is to choose foam that is perfect for your car seat.
  5. Cleaning – The lumbar support should be easy to clean. This is why you must look out for the ones that have covers with zippers. When it is time to wash, just unzip and remove the cover for washing instead of washing the cushion.  
  6. Versatility – Lumbar support foams are items that should be used anywhere you find yourself. Whether it is on the plane or in the car or during the holiday, you should be able to use it. Choose one that is versatile and usable anywhere.

Types of Lumbar Support

  1. Back Cushion: A lumbar support back cushion is helpful in supporting your broader and lower parts of the back. Generally, a lumbar support back cushion consists of gel-infused memory foam, ventilation holes, adjustable straps, and hypoallergenic material. The ingredients are helpful in maintaining your posture and provide comfortable support to your lower back.
  2. Memory Foam Wedge Cushion: A wedge shape seat cushion is instrumental in supporting your lower back. The cushion is made of heat-responsive memory foam with a non-slippery cover and strap to balance your lower spine. Memory foam wedge cushion is also helpful in relieving the pressure on the coccyx, and tailbone.
  3. Coccyx Seat Cushion: The main purpose of the coccyx seat cushion is to help you provide comfort around the legs, that prevent hip pains. This cushion can be identified as a U-shape flat seat, that alleviates the stress caused by poor posture and balances the weight to our lower body.
  4. Footrest Pillow: Specifically meant for passengers, the footrest pillow is detrimental to relieve lower back pain, leg and hip pain, and sciatica (nerve) damage. The teardrop shape design pillow is helpful in aiding the circulation to pull down the pressure caused by a long-hour journey. It can be also used under your knees to maintain proper posture during sleep.

How to adjust the car seat for lumbar support?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the cost of a lumbar support cushion?

Answer: The average cost for lumbar support is between $30 and $50.

  1. Is lumbar support made of memory foam better than the one made of gel cushion? 

Answer: It all boils down to what you prefer. A memory foam pillow adjusts to the shape of your back contours nicely while the gel cushion is cooler and provides better support. It makes sense to test out the two to see which of them provides better comfort.

  1. What should be the ideal thickness of lumbar support?

Answer: The minimum thickness for any lumbar support cushion should be between 1.5 inches and 2 inches.

  1. Does lumbar support cushion work as claimed?

Answer: Lumbar support foams have undergone different testing over the years. And all the trials have proven that they work. This is why many professionals like chiropractors and therapists recommend the usage of lumbar support.

Conclusion: Protect your back with lumbar support car seats

Nowadays, some cars come equipped with seats that are close to S-shape design. These seats are very comfortable, and provide good support to your back for the ease-of-drive. If your car falls into this category then no need to worry. Otherwise, don’t hesitate in spending some money to upgrade or buy lumbar support for your car seats.

The spinal curves are always at risk because of their position, usage, and connection to your body. If not taken care of, you may lose some of the happiest moments of your life just by treating and maintaining your back.

In general, lumbar support cushions relieve pain and help you to sit for a longer time without any uneasiness.

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